Cross "Fox Mountain" will be held in Moscow

Autumn Cross

"Fox Mountain"

will be held for the third time. The cross-country route runs in one circle along the dirt cover of the Bitsevsky Forest park. The terrain is rugged, mud and puddles may occur.

Anyone over 18 years old can take part in the race. Starts for men and women in different age categories are held separately: girls 18-19 years old will run 2 km, young men 18-19 years old and women over 35 years old - 4 km, women 20-34 and men over 35 years old - 6 km, men 20 -34 - 8 km.

All finishers will receive commemorative badges.


Photo: "Running community"


Photo: "Running community"


Photo: "Running community"

On the eve of the cross country, on Saturday, October 5, there will be a charity race with dogs

"Fast dog"

. All entry fees will be transferred to the “Gift of Fate” charity foundation, which helps to find a home for animals from the shelter.

Online registration has already ended, but registration will be possible in the start-finish town on the day of the races.

Detailed information is available on the site.



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