Cross “Fox Mountain” will be held in Bitsa Park

Cross "Fox Mountain", organized by the team

"Running community"

(Moscow marathon, "Colorful Run" and other popular races in the capital. - Approx.ed. ), first passed in October last year - then more than 600 participants went to the start. The race got its unusual name in honor of the venue: foxes used to be found on the upland meadow in the Bitsevsky Forest.

In 2018, the Fox Mountain cross will be held twice - in spring and autumn. The first will take place this Sunday, April 15th. The organizers prepared four distances for different age groups: 2 km (for girls 18-19 years old), 4 km (for boys 18-19 years old and women over 35 years old), 6 km (for women 20-34 years old and men over 35 years old ) and 8 km (for men 20-34 years old).

Registration for the race ends today, April 10th. But if you suddenly do not have time, you can come and support the participants, and in the fall, October 14, already try your own strength in the cross in Bitsa Park.



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