Creatine - what is it for, how to choose and apply

Creatine - what is it for, how to choose and apply

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Creatine is a sports supplement that accelerates muscle gain and improves strength.

Here we will consider the properties and role of creatine, and in a separate material we will analyze regimens.

Creatine - what is it for, how to choose and apply


The substance was discovered at the end of the 9th century, early XX recognized its effectiveness as a sports supplement. It is an amino acid that forms in our body and also enters the body from food (for example, red meat).

The supplement acts as an “energy recharge” during training. If the concentration of creatine in the muscles becomes low, the effectiveness of training decreases.

An unpleasant burning sensation in the muscles begins to appear faster. Soon after, severe fatigue sets in. Often, because of this, you have to stop occupation. Taking creatine eliminates this effect, and also speeds up metabolism and increases stamina.

For example, an athlete weighing 60 kg per day needs 1.

3 g of creatine, which is 600 g of red meat. It’s easier to get the right stuff with sports nutrition.

Role in the body

What actions does the supplement have:

  1. Increased strength. With intensive workouts, the muscles need a large supply of amino acids in order to continue to work as efficiently as possible. Long-term use increases muscle strength and improves training performance.

  2. Muscle growth. Weight gain on creatine often reaches very impressive rates and can range from 1 to 4 kg in the first month. Of course, such results are achieved with regular training and a suitable diet.
  3. Muscle quality. Creatine improves relief, as the supplement binds to water molecules and gradually builds up in the muscles.

    Muscles are 70-80% composed of water, and creatine helps them look more mature.

Other advantages:

  • normalization of cholesterol level;
  • treatment of chronic inflammations;
  • protection of the nervous system under severe stress;
  • prevention of various diseases of the skeletal and muscle systems;
  • increase in athletic performance in vegetarians;
  • improvement of well-being in heart diseases.

In some cases (with low sensitivity to creatine), the supplement does not have a strong effect on the body, it only slightly increases performance.

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Who needs creatine

Creatine will help everyone involved in sports. It will be especially useful:

  1. For professional athletes and amateurs. Creatine can quickly increase athletic performance, for example, in short and long distance running, games, and, of course, in professional bodybuilding.The supplement is useful in those sports that require acceleration, jumping and jerking. Creatine will be effective in team sports, because they are characterized by intense muscle contractions during short periods of rest.

  2. For quick weight gain. Using creatine, you can arrange long and intense workouts. Such exercises will lead to accelerated muscle growth and increased strength.
  3. For vegetarians. Creatine is an ideal sports nutrition for people who refuse animal products.

    Since they do not eat meat (the main source of creatine), they need to take this supplement. This will not only help in training, but also maintain health.

  4. For weight loss. The use of creatine will improve the results of classes, and as a result, accelerate the breakdown of fat.
  5. To maintain physical fitness.

    Considering all the advantages of creatine and its complete safety, it is perfect for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and try to maintain a good shape.

How to choose

The supplement is available in various forms. The most popular are capsules and powder.

Usually athletes opt for powder, since it is more budgetary. Its minus is the need for preliminary preparation.

Before use, the powder must be dissolved in a liquid, which is far from always convenient.

The form of the additive and the manufacturer can be chosen based on your own preferences, price and availability. The secret of creatine's effectiveness is primarily in the regularity of its intake.

Side effects

Creatine is recognized as one of the safest supplements. It has a natural origin: it is independently produced by the body and is present in food.

In rare cases, short-term digestive upset may occur after taking the supplement. This side effect indicates abnormal liver function. This is an occasion to see a doctor. Supplementation cannot be combined with the use of alcohol.

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Creatine - what is it for, how to choose and apply

FitNavigator. ru / edition

The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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