Crease Exercise - Effectively Exercising the Whole Press

A rather complex and effective exercise for the entire rectus abdominis is the so-called fold. In appearance, the movement resembles double twisting, with the difference that you reach with straight arms to straight legs, and buttocks are the fulcrum. During the movement, the body takes on the form of the Latin letter V. The advantage of the folding exercise is that it allows you to maximize the load on the abdominal muscles without straining your back.

The load on the muscles

The fold intensively works out all the muscles of the press, especially the straight (its lower and upper part).

Thus, this exercise alone replaces the classical twisting, loading the upper part of the press and lifting legs lying down (or reverse twisting), emphasizing the load on the lower abdominal muscles.

Crease Exercise - Effectively Exercising the Whole Press

Also, the exercise involves the oblique muscles of the abdomen - they always work in conjunction with the straight. However, the load on the oblique muscles in this exercise will not be as significant as, say, in oblique or lateral twists.

By the additional principle, the hip flexors and quadriceps (quadriceps femoris) work.

If the goal is weight loss

If you want to not only work out your muscles, but also lose weight, be sure to add a few hours of aerobics per week to strength training.

Thus, you will achieve impressive results faster. Your waist will decrease in volume, and your stomach will noticeably tighten.

In addition to physical activity, the principles of proper nutrition are necessary to reduce weight. This does not mean that you need to go on a strict diet. Eat a variety of foods, choose foods that have undergone minimal industrial processing, and control the amount of calories that enter the body.

To lose weight, you need to consume a little less than spend.

In the future, in order to maintain the achieved results, you will need to train several times a week, and consider proper nutrition not as a temporary measure, but as your lifestyle.

Technique of folding

An exercise such as folding can be performed lying on the floor (this requires a soft gymnastic rug) or on a horizontal bench. The first option we will consider as the main, and the second as a variation.

On the floor

The technique of folding on the floor is as follows:

  1. Lie on your back, straighten your legs, stretch your straight arms behind your head.

    Now in your lower back a deflection has formed. It must be minimized by pressing the lower back to the floor. To do this, you can bend your knees slightly. This is the starting position. The press is already working in static, but we will download it in full.

  2. On the exhale, simultaneously raise your legs up and twist the body, trying to reach your feet with your palms.
  3. Hold at the point of maximum voltage for a few seconds. On inspiration, carefully, without a jerk, lower yourself to the starting position.Do not lower your arms and legs to the floor, keep your back rounded and your abs tense.
  4. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

Crease Exercise - Effectively Exercising the Whole Press
Technique of the exercise.

As a rule, exercises on the press are performed in a multi-repetitive mode. However, it all depends on your individual goals and physical fitness. On average, you can strive to perform 15-20 repetitions in 2-3 approaches.

The complexity of the fold compared with double twists is that it is much harder to raise straight arms and legs than bent ones.

The key to safety in this exercise is the lack of deflection in the lower back and a constantly tense press. You should also strive to ensure that at the top of the movement, your body weight rests on the upper part of the buttocks, and not on the spine.

On the bench

We also consider the variation of the folds on the horizontal bench. This exercise is somewhat simpler, since initially you are in a bent position (the amplitude of movement is less) and when lifting, bend your legs at the knees.

The technique is as follows:

  1. Sit on the edge of the bench and hold it with your hands.

    Fold your torso back 45 degrees and raise your legs to the level of parallel with the floor. Round the lumbar region.

  2. Inhale and pull your knees to your chest, bending into a crease. The body should move as tightly as possible to the legs. Feel the maximum contraction of the abdominal muscles.

  3. On exhalation, return to the starting position. Do not lower your feet to the floor. They should always remain in the initial position, that is, be on the same level with the bench.
  4. Repeat the required number of times. Take a break and take a few more approaches.

When the fold becomes an easy task for you, try to complicate it by using weights. To do this, put weight on your feet or pick up a pancake from the bar.

Leading exercises

Beginners are not always able to immediately fold correctly. If you feel discomfort in the lower back or severe fatigue after the first repetitions, you should prepare the muscles with the following exercises:

  • Lie on the floor and stretch your legs vertically upwards. Exhale and roll forward, trying to touch the feet with your palms.

  • Do not fold with both feet at once, but alternately with each foot.
  • Raise your legs bent at the knees. So the movement will become much simpler.

Perform lead-up exercises for at least two weeks. Your muscles will strengthen and your body will become more flexible, which in the end will allow you to do a standard exercise.

Crease Exercise - Effectively Exercising the Whole Press
A simplified version of the fold.

An exercise such as a fold allows you to effectively load all the muscles of the abdomen. The results will become noticeable after a few months of classes. Combine it with other abs exercises for the best effect. This can be, for example, double twists, oblique twists, legs lying up.

If you want to reduce your waist, be sure to combine the fold and curls with proper nutrition and aerobic exercise.



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