Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

A pull-up simulator with a counterweight is very convenient for both beginner athletes and people who just want to learn how to pull themselves up. This device has a special name - gravitron. Pull-ups in the gravitron are a basic element in the training program for all those who have not yet mastered the classical pull-up technique.

What are the gravitrons

The simulator with a counterweight is of 4 types:

  • For pull-ups.
  • For push-ups on the uneven bars.

  • Integrated.
  • With the ability to change weights and without it (cast, solid balances).

Typically, cast counterweights separately for push-ups or pull-ups are on the street near the parks of culture and recreation, near sports grounds or on their territory. The counterweight is solid there, so it is not possible to get a good load.

Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

As a warm-up, this is a good option.

It can be done without warming up for 20-30 repetitions. Even those who can neither pull themselves up nor push ups can perform at least 10 repetitions without much difficulty.

If you use logic, then the best gravitrons are complex with a changeable weight. They have everything - a great option for beginners.

The counterweight at the end of the training will be very useful to finish off already tired muscles.

It is quite difficult to perform full-fledged pull-ups at such moments - the muscles are very tired, there are not enough forces. The counterweight solves this problem. So, this simulator is suitable for both beginners and experienced bodybuilders. However, you can’t place it at home - too big.

Why do we need a gravitron

How many gyms we have seen! The pull-up simulator was by no means in everyone.

Let's say more - not in every 3 or even 4 rooms.

Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

Usually instead of such a simulator, rubber harnesses are used, which support the knees during push-ups on the bars and working on the horizontal bar.

This is a very large-sized rarity (therefore, the gravitron is uncomfortable for the house), up to 2.5 meters high. If you still decide to put it at home - it’s better to place it in the yard (of course, in your yard when you are the owner of a private house).

The gravitron is a simulator, on the one side of which there is a horizontal bar and bars, and on the other, a counterweight with the ability to change weights.

Thus, here you can perform both pull-ups and push-ups on the uneven bars. The horizontal bar allows you to perform various elements of pull-ups - narrow grip, wide, medium. Here you can fully pump the muscles of the back, triceps and chest with all the same exercises that are described for the classic horizontal bar and parallel bars.

Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

The only difference between the classics and the work with the simulator is a compensation of your efforts.

If, when working on a horizontal bar, you lift almost your body weight (your weight minus the weight of your forearms), then in a gravitron there is an opportunity to reduce this load until it is completely zeroed. You can set the counterweight to half your body weight, one third, and so on.And it is possible for the whole body weight, but then the muscles will not receive any load at all.

To whom the simulator is suitable

We talked a lot about how to learn how to do push-ups on the uneven bars and pull yourself up on the horizontal bar. It's quite complicated, believe me.

Especially for a person who weighs more than he would like.

The first pull-ups together with push-ups are given with great difficulty. It starts with a partial amplitude. Spend a lot of time before you can perform a full repetition. Well, yes, someone is lucky, and they can prepare several repetitions without preparation.

But there are those who just hang lifelessly on the horizontal bar.

For people with an initial level of training, the gravitron will be the best opportunity to learn the basic elements on the crossbar.

Technical basics

If you came to the gym for the first time, and there (oh my God!) Is a gravitron - you are very lucky. Exercising with a rubber belt is not as convenient as in the simulator. Often you need the help of a trainer, insurance on his part, help in properly fixing the belts.

And if the coach is busy, you'll be bored.

Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

Gravitron is an ordinary simulator, you need to approach it and set the desired weight. Which one - check with the trainer.

If you don’t know how to pull yourself up, set 1/3 of your weight. It will be hard, but useful.

So, look at this simulator - find a stand on which you can place your knees.

  1. Set the weight of the counterweight equal to your body weight. There will be a warm-up now.
  2. Grasp the bar with a classic straight grip, arms shoulder-width apart. Do 20 warm-ups with maximum amplitude.

    This means that your chin will rise above the bar. And at the bottom point of the hand to fully straighten. Keep the pace medium, 1 pull up per second. That's all, you’ve warmed up.

  3. Now put the desired weight (we agreed that it will be one third of your body, so go to the scales and find out your weight).

    Do 10 repetitions. You can do it?

  4. This was the first approach, do another 2. On this your first training on the gravitron will end.

Work on the bars is all the same, but instead of the crossbar, you hold on to the handles that imitate the bars. Set the weight exactly the same, do the same workout.

The program in the gravitron for beginners

Pullups can pump the whole back. Push-ups on the uneven bars - chest and triceps. In this case, we won’t talk about the press, since the usual horizontal bar, floor, Roman chair and more are suitable for you.

  1. Pull up with a classic grip with 1/3 of its weight. 3 sets of 10 times.

  2. Pull-ups 3 to 10 times, one third of your weight.
  3. Pull-ups with a narrow grip are the same.
  4. Dips with the same weight, three sets of ten times.

That's all you need at first. Increase weights slightly each workout until you get to the point where there is no counterweight.

By that time, you can switch to the classic horizontal bar and bars. And do it all there with ease and confidence. And then, if you want, work with weights and swing well. Everything will depend on your goals.

Finishing muscle after the main workout

When you have worked to capacity, your muscles are tired, put half your weight on the counterweight.

  • Do the maximum amount of pull-ups per day on your back or biceps in three sets.
  • And the maximum number of push-ups per day of the chest and triceps. This must be done at the very end, before or after the press.

Finish your muscles. Download them to exhaustion.

Errors and possible difficulties

Gravitron is a block simulator, its moving parts must be periodically lubricated and cleaned. If this does not occur, the load is distorted. That is, if you put half of your weight, the counterweight cannot move easily enough, making it difficult to complete the exercise. If this happens, discard the balances for a while until the problem is fixed. Tell the trainer.

Counterbalance pull-up simulator - gravitron

Here are the main recommendations to help avoid mistakes:

  1. Do all exercises without jerking, smoothly.
  2. Breathe this way: exhale on exertion, inhale on return to the starting point. A lot depends on breathing, believe me.
  3. If you feel pain in some working muscle, give up this exercise for a period until the pain disappears. Usually it all starts with a stretch.

    If you work through pain, it will flow into chronic inflammation (tenosynovitis). And it can take months.

If in your gym there is no gravitron, you want to learn how to pull yourself up, but you don’t want to do it on the street - set up an ordinary hanging horizontal bar at home and try to practice movement on it. For example, you can start by doing negative pull-ups. The main thing is to ensure that the technique is correct.



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