Cotton push ups - technique and benefits of exercise

Push-ups with cotton - one of the modifications of the usual exercise, aimed at the development of the so-called explosive force. The essence of the explosive load is that the athlete needs to develop a powerful effort in a short period of time. This is a plyometric exercise, the meaning is the same as, for example, jumping from a squat.

The benefits of such exercises are primarily in the development of strength and speed, and only then - in increasing muscle volume. Therefore, they are often used in training professional athletes.

Push-ups with cotton are practiced in training in boxing and other martial arts, gymnastics, etc. Bodybuilders use plyometrics to improve strength indicators, for example, allowing you to work with heavy weight.

Muscle work

Push-ups with cotton involve virtually the same muscles that work when performing the classic version, namely:

  • large pectoral muscles;
  • triceps;
  • deltoid.

Of course, many other muscle groups also get the load during the exercise - this is the undoubted benefit of almost any push-ups. The press muscles hold the body in a straight position, the entire shoulder girdle works, the latissimus are turned on, the leg muscles receive a static load.


If you only plan to learn how to do push-ups correctly in this way, we recommend that you act gradually to prepare the body for the load and avoid the likelihood of injury. The most obvious option for injury is falling to the floor when you just don't have time to do the cotton.

Firstly, it is advisable to learn how to do push-ups in the usual way, using different options for setting hands. So you strengthen the necessary muscles and prepare for the complication.

Secondly, as soon as you feel that you are ready to move on, begin to perform classic push-ups faster and more sharply, creating an explosive load, rising to the top point.

First, just try to straighten your arms with a quick and powerful effort, then when you feel confident, try to tear your hands off the floor (without cotton).

Over time, you will realize that you are jumping high enough to make cotton. So, it's time to take apart the technique!

Technique of execution

Accept the initial position - the emphasis lying (on the palm), as in ordinary push-ups. The arms are spread a little wider than the shoulders, the back is straight, the body and legs are in one line.

  1. From the starting position, go down to the lower point, inhaling, bending your elbows and bringing your chest closer to the floor (it is not necessary to touch the floor).

    We keep the body level, descending to the parallel with the floor.

  2. With a powerful and fast (explosive) force, push up, while exhaling pushing the body up with such force that will be enough to have time to clap your hands in front of you and not fall.
  3. Make cotton and return your hands to their original position.
  4. Again, go down to parallel with the floor and do the next repetition.Repeat as many times as needed.

There are complicated options: cotton on the chest, behind the head or behind the back, as well as performing not only arms but also legs apart from the floor. The more complex the element to be performed while in the air, the more time will be required for it. Therefore, the meaning of such complications is always the same - you need to jump as high as possible.

Cotton push ups - technique and benefits of exercise

Of course, such tricks look pretty impressive, but not at all necessary. Just try to jump higher to get the required complication and reduce the risk of injury.


Everything is banal here. Injuries to the elbow joints and hands are an excuse to refrain from doing push-ups with cotton. All the benefits of the exercise in this case will be nullified.

Also, exercise is contraindicated for people with excess weight, as excessive compression load occurs.

Useful recommendations

The benefit of the exercise will be maximum if you pay attention to the following important points:

  • Do not miss the warm-up.

    Be sure to warm up before starting your workout.

  • Keep your body upright. Resist the urge to tear yourself off the floor by helping yourself with your pelvic movements.
  • Gradual and once again gradual. If you are a beginner and decide to master push-ups with cotton, increase the complexity step by step: first, regular push-ups, then a sharp, powerful and quick exit to the top point, then jump without cotton and only then add claps.

  • Additional burdening is not necessary (and even problematic). Better try to jump as fast and higher as possible.


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