Concentrated Biceps Lift - Aim for Results

Concentrated biceps lift is a classic exercise for the arm muscles. This insulating movement allows you to make your hands voluminous, embossed and strong. An important condition for effective training is the presence of a certain mass of biceps. That is, the exercise will be most useful for athletes with training experience.

What gives the exercise?

First of all, you need to figure out what the purpose of this exercise is and what muscles maximize the use of concentrated flexion of the arms.

  1. The biceps, i.e. biceps. This is the target muscle that does almost all the work of lifting a dumbbell. An isolated load contributes to the formation of a volume peak of the biceps, both heads are worked out simultaneously.

  2. Shoulder muscle or brachialis.
  3. The brachioradialis muscle or brachioradialis.
Concentrated Biceps Lift - Aim for Results
The muscles work during the exercise.

Thus, the exercise develops biceps and forearm. In the case when the athlete’s goal is a comprehensive training of the hands, and not just the development of the biceps, it must be supplemented with other exercises.

Such training will make the body harmonious and beautiful.

Concentrated bending of the arms is recommended for athletes with an average level of fitness and above. It is best to do it at the end of a hand workout. In other words, you should first stretch, and then perform, for example, lifting dumbbells or barbells to the biceps, and then you can begin to bend.

It is recommended to do 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

When choosing the optimal weight, focus on your level of physical fitness. For beginners it is better to use dumbbells weighing from 5-10 kg. In the future, you can gradually increase the burden. In any case, the weight that you use for isolating exercises should be lower than for the basic ones.

Remember that the main guarantee of the effectiveness of an exercise is the correct technique for its implementation.

Concentrated Biceps Lift - Aim for Results


How to properly perform concentrated flexion on your biceps while sitting? First you need to take a starting position. To do this, take a dumbbell and sit with your legs wide apart. Lean forward slightly while maintaining a straight position of the spine.

Concentrated Biceps Lift - Aim for Results
Mechanics of movement.

Bend your free hand at the elbow and place your palm on the knee or thigh of the same foot.

Lower the hand with the dumbbell down, bend it slightly and rest yourself with triceps (above the elbow) in the inner thigh of the other leg. If you did everything right, then the elbow will be slightly lower than the hip. Your position should be stable and comfortable. Hold the dumbbell with a neutral grip - the palm is directed to the center line of the body. Now you can start the exercise.

  1. On exhalation, gently bend the working arm in the elbow joint until you feel a complete contraction of the biceps. Fix this position, maximize muscle tension and pause for 1-2 respiratory cycles.
  2. Inhale and slowly lower your hand, controlling the functioning of the muscles. Return to starting position. To the end, do not bend your elbow and do not drop the weight sharply down.

  3. Do the required number of repetitions, rest for 1 minute and proceed to the next approach.

Concentrated Biceps Lift - Aim for Results

Useful Tips

You will get better results if you listen to these recommendations.

  1. During the whole movement, the upper part of the arm in which the dumbbell is located should not move. The arm bends at the elbow joint and only the forearm moves. Any extra movements of the arms and hands make concentrated lifting to the biceps less effective.

  2. At the extreme lower point, one should not extend and relax the arm completely, let the muscles always remain in tension.
  3. Those who have mastered the exercise well can complicate it by increasing the amplitude. To do this, place a block or any other elevation under the supporting leg (the same-name working hand).
  4. Lower your hand down by 2-3 accounts, and raise it by 1.

Advanced athletes can work with great weights, helping themselves to raise it with their free hands.

In this case, lower the weight with one hand. It is believed that this approach will give muscles an impetus for accelerated growth. Complete the lesson by stretching.

Pros of exercise

Concentrated bending of the arms have many advantages. These include:

  • aiming work of one muscle group, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise;
  • rapid formation of a peak in biceps;
  • obtaining relief muscles;
  • the ability to pull up arms without barbells and large weights, which is especially true for girls who often prefer to use dumbbells.

Bending the arm at the elbow is a typical movement for many sports. Therefore, the success of athletes often depends on the strength of the biceps. In addition, the state of biceps directly affects the effectiveness of training for the back and chest muscles. For this reason, everyone needs to include concentrated dumbbell lifts in their training program.



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