Colgate introduced a collaboration with designer Alexander Rogov

At the end of March, in the L'appartement art space, as part of the new Colgate brand campaign “Beauty Without Consequences”, a joint trunk show was held with designer and stylist Alexander Rogov. In the framework of the project dedicated to the new Colgate Safe Whitening toothpaste, the designer and the brand team talked with models, TV presenters, musicians and actresses, for whom it always looked perfect - this is a professional responsibility. They told what natural beauty means to them, and it was these answers that adorned 12 basic white T-shirts.

Well-known beauty and fashion bloggers continue to share their thoughts on safe self-care. You can follow them and express your own opinion on this topic on social networks under the hashtags of #beauty without consequences, #colgatesafewhite, #colgatesmileru.



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