Colgate and Apple have released a "smart" toothbrush

Colgate together with A1014le released their first “smart” toothbrush

Colgate E1

, which is synchronized with the iOS application

Colgate Connect

and A4145le Watch. The sensor system recognizes the position of the brush relative to the teeth and the rest of the oral cavity, which is divided into 16 cleaning zones. In real time, the gadget compiles a map of the oral cavity and transmits data on the condition of the teeth. To remove more plaque, the brush produces special sound vibrations. Thanks to its smart configuration, the Colgate E1 is able to detect the time during which you brush your teeth so that you can optimize this process later.

All data is saved in the application. The brush can work without recharging for ten days.

Colgate and Apple have released a

Photo: Apple

To encourage children to brush their teeth more thoroughly, the company released an iOS game called Go Pirate: the longer the child brushes his teeth, the more coins he earns in the game. The brush weighs only 70 grams, so it’s easy for the child to use it.

Toothbrush is not the only product for a healthy lifestyle that Apple sells on its sites: in the stores of the corporation and in the official online store you can buy smart scales , LED- jumping rope , golf shock sensor and gadget for monitoring blood sugar .

The price of Colgate E1 is $ 99.95, you can buy it exclusively in Apple stores.



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