Circular workout in the gym for girls on weight loss

Circular training for girls in the gym is intended mainly for weight loss. There are many different ways to lose weight, but there are very few options that will allow you to maintain or even develop a little muscle.

Circular training: pros and cons

The training program for girls often includes circular elements. Circular training is such a system of exercises, in which several elements are done one after another at a pace, followed by a minute or even longer break. Tabat protocol and crossfit are examples of circular training.

The task of such classes is to bring the body to the anaerobic threshold, start the process of fat burning, activate metabolism in favor of burning fat after training.

Circular training for women is certainly useful, but can also cause harm if you do not take into account a number of factors.

Pros :

  1. Effective weight loss.
  2. Muscle relief.
  3. Increased Strength and Stamina.

  4. Powerful cardio load.
  5. Saving time - a lot of different exercises and high energy consumption for a short time period.

Minuses :

  1. Increased load on the heart.
  2. Not suitable for persons suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular failure, arrhythmias, increased intracranial pressure.
  3. Not always in the gym all the necessary simulators are free, so sometimes you can’t complete the planned lap without interruptions.

Circuit training for women requires the following conditions:

  1. Good knowledge of the technique of the exercises.
  2. Basic physical training based on a common program.
  3. Mandatory intensive workout when it comes to heavy exercises. Some exercises can replace the warm-up, for example, when working with the press, you can start approaches from small amplitudes, speeds, to warm up the muscles you need. For 1 approach, your press will warm up, and you can fully train.

  4. An empty stomach and well-being.

Circular workout in the gym for girls on weight loss

Circular training for burning fat for older women has a number of limitations. Due to the health characteristics of older people, it is necessary to individually reduce the intensity, and very carefully select the working weights.

Features of the circular training

The circular training for burning fat should contain 4-6 exercises, which are done one after another one after another without interruption. In each approach, at least 10 repetitions that are done at a pace.

In fact, there is a break between exercises within the approach, equal to the time during which the girl goes from one exercise to another.

Circular training in the gym for girls should cover all muscle groups. You can divide the load into different parts of the body on different days, but the circular training program in this case changes the final goal.

When you need to lose weight, you should load all the muscles in each session.

Loads should not be refused.

Then the body will have time to recover within 24-48 hours with proper nutrition, the right amount of vitamins, macro and micronutrients, proteins and fats.

Circular training options

Circular fat burning training can be general, or it can be local. It is worth saying that fat is still burned evenly throughout the body. Only the load on the muscles varies. For example, there are workouts on the abs, legs, shoulders.

For people who want to develop endurance and strength at the same time, crossfit is the best option, where, as a rule, different muscle groups are worked out on different days.

For weight loss, a general workout 3 times a week is enough. It should contain exercises on the legs, arms, abs. If it is difficult to perform such an array of exercises per day, you should divide the program into several days.

Circular training for burning fat for women is a program of 3-4 circles of 4-5 exercises.

The lesson starts with cardio and ends with cardio.

If you set a goal to lose weight, the path will not be easy. Be prepared for this and go through to the end.

Training for girls in the gym is best done under the supervision of an experienced trainer. It is undesirable to invent a program for yourself.

Even if you came up with it, the observance of the exercise technique will be in doubt. And if you do something wrong, then you risk something hurt. Of course, calories will be burned anyway. But you are required to burn fat and maintain good health.

Circular training exercises

Full body circular training

If you decide to load the whole body, you need will follow this pattern three times a week.

For example, a program might look like this.

We do cardio for 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to warm up the muscles, raise the pulse and prepare the body for burning fat (use muscle glycogen).

We begin the training.

  1. Squats with an empty bar 12-15 times.

  2. Extension of arms in the block 12-15 times.
  3. Lunges with dumbbells 12-15 times.
  4. Bench press dumbbells sitting 12-15 times.

A break of 60-90 seconds.

  1. Leg extension in the simulator.

  2. "Hammer" with dumbbells standing.
  3. Leg curl in the simulator.
  4. Leg breeding in the simulator.

A break of 60-90 seconds.

  1. Plie squats.

  2. Leg breeding in the simulator.
  3. Leg abduction with weights.
  4. Breeding dumbbells lying.

A break of 90 seconds.

  1. Squats without weight 20 times.

  2. Hyperextension 30 times.
  3. Thrust of the lower block to the lower back.
  4. Raising the legs in the hang 15 times.

Last break of 60 seconds and press exercises:

  1. Twisting in the Roman chair 15 times.
  2. Raising the legs from a prone position.

  3. Fold.

If the number of repetitions is not indicated, then their number is 12-15.The weight in the exercises is selected individually.

Next, rest 1-3 minutes and a cardio hitch for 10 minutes at an easy pace.

Circular workout in the gym for girls on weight loss

This program can be run three times a week.

In time, the lesson will take 60-70 minutes, and you will give 101 percent.

Ligaments on the press

The word "ligament" refers to the sequence of exercises that will be included in the round-robin training. A lesson does not necessarily consist of the same approaches. It is important that several exercises are done in conjunction. For the press, it may look like this:

Approach 1

  1. Raising the body while lying down, knees bent.

  2. Twisting lying with legs bent at the knees.
  3. Fold.

Each exercise is done 15 to 30 times, after which you rest for 60 seconds while lying down, restoring strength and breathing.

Approach 2

  1. Raising the legs while lying down.
  2. Raising at the same time the knee and twisting towards it (the movement occurs crosswise, the left knee tends to the right elbow and vice versa).

  3. Raising the body, lying with legs raised up, legs relative to the floor are at an angle of 30-40 degrees. You can work in weighting materials.

Approach 3

  1. Lying twists.
  2. Raising the body while lying down.
  3. Alternately raising legs from a prone position.

Thus, a circular workout for the press consists of three approaches, between which you rest for a minute. In total, you need to perform 9 exercises 15-30 times.

If you are a beginner, start with 10 times or even 5. With each lesson, increase the number of repetitions by 1. You can do a circular workout on the press daily, but it takes she is a maximum of 10 minutes.

Other examples of circular training

Example of circular training for triceps and chest:

  1. Bench press lying 15 times.
  2. Bench press lying at an angle of 30 degrees for 15 times.
  3. Bench press lying at an angle of 45 degrees for 10 times.
  4. Breeding dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench 15 times.

Rest 60 seconds.

  1. Dumbbell bench press upside down (15 times).
  2. Crossover to the bottom of the chest (15 times).
  3. Press with a narrow grip for 15 times.
  4. Breeding dumbbells lying at an angle of 45 degrees.

When working on weight loss, a large number of exercises on the chest is better not to use.

It makes sense for girls to train the pectoral muscles in mass gain mode. This set of exercises can be performed twice a week. More often - it is dangerous for tendons, especially the shoulder.

Circular workout in the gym for girls on weight loss

Some recommendations regarding round-robin training for girls

It is important to remember:

  1. It is not recommended to train in the first 3 days menstrual cycle. This is dangerous for your health, especially when it comes to circular training.

  2. Try not to drink liquids during exercise. If you really want to, soak your throat, take 1-2 small sips. Have a drink after.
  3. Do not drink or eat immediately before class. Circular training is intense, everything can end with nausea and vomiting.

    In addition, after eating before class, you will spend calories from food.

  4. If you have a cold, do not go to training. It will be harder for you than usual, and the body will cope with the disease longer. Especially if you have a fever. Better carry the trip to the gym.



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