Cinemood will show cartoons in the restaurants of the Ginza Project

Since November, in the restaurants of the Ginza Project group of companies, you can use the Cinemood projector to occupy your child during lunch. The device’s library has Soyuzmultfilm animation and modern children's films. On the Cinemood OS platform, the online services "Mult", YouTube Kids and others operate.

Nadezhda Artsybasheva

art director Ginza for kids

- We want to make our restaurants comfortable not only for adults, but also for the smallest guests. We created a tasty and healthy children's menu, opened game rooms.

Parents can use the services of professional nannies in our restaurants at any time. By choosing Cinemood, you can be sure that smartphones will remain in your hands during lunch, and that children will have a safe personal gadget that will not let them get bored.

Cinemood does not have a browser, so children will not follow unwanted links. But they will be able to read their favorite tales in the format of filmstrips, watch informative videos and cartoons, or play with friends in the shadow theater.

Restaurants where this service is available: "Yard tomato", "Kukumber", "Suli guli", "On the river" , "Eggplant" in the "Gallery" and the "Europolis", "Larisuvannuhochu", "Spices of joy" on Vasilyevsky, "Mamalyga" on Leninsky, "Moscow" and "Maymun".

Mikhail Bukhovtsev

founder of the company "Multicube"

- Our joint project is based on love for children and care for parents. I am a father myself and I know what happens when a child is bored at a table with adults. The kid is naughty, the atmosphere is heating up throughout the restaurant. Most modern mothers and fathers in this extreme situation try in any way to keep the child busy. Many give him their smartphone or tablet.

There is now a safe and exciting alternative for guests of Ginza Project restaurants. While the child is passionate about the new device, parents can go about their business.



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