Christian Bale refused to gain and lose weight for the sake of the movie

Bale said that sudden fluctuations in weight are bad for his health. “I can’t do it anymore. I really can’t. Death looks right in my face,” the actor said.

Actors often lose weight and get fat for roles.

Bale during his career has changed dramatically more than once. For example, for the film “The Engineer” (2004), he lost 28 kilograms in four months. Then his daily diet consisted of one apple, a can of tuna and two to three cups of coffee. Already for the next film "Batman: The Beginning" (2005), the actor urgently gained 45 kilograms, switching to a high-carb diet.

For his last film, "Vice President" (at the Russian box office - "Power"), Bale had to gain 18 kilograms.

This picture tells the story of Dick Cheney, who is considered the most influential vice president in American history. For a role in Vice President, Bale was nominated for an Academy Award. In Russia, the film will be released on February 21.



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