Challenge of the week: get up with the first sound of an alarm

When you know exactly what time you get up, it’s easier to plan things.

The habit of turning off the alarm often leads to the fact that a person wakes up everything in the world, is late for meetings and does not have time to do what was planned.

If you set the alarm at the same time for several weeks, you are more likely to get used to the schedule and getting up will be easier for you. On average, 66 days are needed to form a habit.

Norwegian scholars


that a fragmented dream (like the one between the calls of the alarm clock) increases daytime sleepiness and weakness, and reduces working capacity.

Getting up immediately, you are more likely to avoid these troubles.

The main reason why people cannot get up immediately and fall asleep again after the first wake up is overwork and general lack of sleep . If the body needs to make up for the lack of sleep, it will try to do it by any means.

If you are one of those people who set five alarms with a break of ten minutes and barely get up with the last one, it will be difficult for you to get used to the new scheme of awakening. Perhaps the first time you will not be able to climb immediately.

But if you adjust yourself and create the necessary conditions, you can learn how to get up quickly.



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