Challenge of the day: write down every day for which you are grateful today

Our brains are used to paying attention to bad events and unpleasant daily trifles. Focusing on the negative


protect us from dangers. But in the modern world, the source of negativity rarely poses a real threat to our life or health. The sour faces of our colleagues, the boorish neighbor in public transport, the disturbing news on the Internet and the usual rain - getting upset every day over trifles, we don’t notice a lot of positive events that happen to us at every step. To learn to see the positive moments in life, keep a diary of thanks.

Mark the positive moments of the day in a separate notebook or special application: for example, What are you Grateful for? or Grateful : A Gratitude Journal . Think of conditions: write down three to five events every evening that have pleased you over the past day. It can be something serious or very insignificant: the barista smiled at you in the coffee shop, the client accepted the project without corrections, the bus driver waited for you at the bus stop, you refrained from criticizing the stranger or a friend supported you in a difficult moment. By recording the positive events of the day, you can see how much good is actually happening in your life and learn how to feel "in the moment now."



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