Challenge of the day: warm up every hour

Office employees and everyone who works at a computer usually sit 15 hours a day. Lack of activity can


to the heart and even


to early death, and also contributes to weight gain. Studies

show ,

that overweight people sit two hours more than people with normal body weight.

There are many life hacks to add to your work schedule. You can walk stairs in the office and in the metro on the way to work, work out early in the morning or in the evening - or take breaks for charging during the whole day.

Doing exercises in between cases is not so psychologically depressing as the need to go for an hour of training.

Choose exercises that you can perform during the day. The simplest thing is squats, push-ups from the windowsill (if there is no way to squeeze from the floor), lunges. They can be made even in the office. If space and equipment allow, pull-ups, postures from yoga , exercises on the balance board work well.

Set reminders. Sometimes, sitting down at a computer in the morning, we don’t notice how half a day goes. To remember to do a warm-up, set an alarm or reminders. If you have a A6672le Watch, do not ignore the call of the watch to get up and walk.

Develop a habit.

Create a ritual: for example, standing up for water, do 10 squats. Start small and gradually introduce exercise into everyday life.

Mark the results. Get a tracker and note how many times today you crouched and squeezed out. At the end of the week, evaluate your activity and plan for the next seven days.



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