Challenge of the day: volunteer to help others

It is necessary to help others. A simple truth that we have known since childhood. But how exactly to help? Every day we are faced with situations where we have a choice: pass by or help. Hold the door to the subway, explain how to get there, give money to a street musician. There is a more global way - to become a volunteer.

Volunteers are people who help others for free. Recently, we have compiled a whole instruction on how to become a volunteer. Here is a short list of projects where you can find yourself:

  • social assistance in hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters, in search of missing people;
  • donation;
  • cleaning of natural areas;
  • help at sports events - races, swims, matches.

It is easiest to become a social volunteer through a charity foundation. You can help sick children ( "Give Life" , "Doctor Clown" ), single elderly and disabled people ( "Old age in joy" ), terminally ill ( "Faith" , "House with a lighthouse" ), missing ( search and rescue squad "Lisa Alert" ), homeless animals ( "Ray" ).

These are the largest organizations, but in fact there are many more. You will find more funds that need help on the site of the project "Such cases". There are charitable foundations in every city.

Challenge of the day: volunteer to help others

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For the donation in Russia is responsible

"Service blood "


The site has all the information on how to prepare and donate blood. This can also be done in almost any city.

Green115eace offers to become a plastic watchmaker and collect plastic that contaminates all about larger territories. Environmental movement "Separate collection" - completely volunteer, everything is required, from lawyers to editors.

Becoming a sports volunteer is easy.

Hundreds of volunteers work at every race, swim, competition. For example, in June of next year, they will help guests of the EURO 2020 football matches in St. Petersburg. Find an event that interests you and look for the Volunteers section.

In our country there is a movement "Volunteers of Russia" - it brings together hundreds of projects and events that need help.



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