Challenge of the day: try different types of fitness every day

Exercising the same physical activities can be boring. If, among other things, you seek to change your figure (build muscle or lose weight), then different workouts are also important here. The body gets used to the monotonous activities and stops responding to them - there will be no progress. All this can drive into melancholy, cause emotional burnout and result in hatred of the sport. In order that you can constantly enjoy and result from classes, we recommend that you deal with different types of loads.

To begin with, decide what types of fitness or sports you are attracted to at all - maybe you never did them, but you always wanted to try it. You need to start with what interests you so that love does not turn into hate again. Let's say you like swimming, TRX and boxing. You can change the load daily (every other day, two days later): alternate strength training with cardio. Or engage in one sport for one week, the second - during the second, third .

.. well, you understand. So you can better understand whether you liked these classes or not, are they worth the time spent or not. Having drawn conclusions, continue to experiment with other activities.

There are surely a lot of things that you have not tried: football, dancing, cycling, Pilates, yoga, stretching, body ballet, water aerobics, surfing, rollerblading or cycling, horse riding, tennis.

Cross out all that is superfluous and select the types of physical activity that you like, distribute them in your schedule. You can alternate them in the traditional way - cardio / power, or you can just as you like and comfortable for you. The main thing - do not torture yourself and do it for pleasure.



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