Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

To feel better, you need to think positively. But how to do that? The Challenger prepared instructions.

Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

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"The power of positive thinking" - it sounds corny, and yet

The physical and psychological benefits of positive thinking

have been proven by many scientific studies. Positive thinking helps you feel more confident, can raise your spirits and reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, depression and other



Sounds good, but what is "positive thinking" actually? It can be defined as a positive perception of reality, positive communication with oneself, optimism, but these are all vague concepts. Concrete instructions are needed to start thinking positively.

Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

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Morning sets the mood for all day. Have you had to wake up late, rush to get to work and think all day that nothing good will happen today? So you started the day with negative emotions and a pessimistic attitude, which was reflected in all subsequent events.

Instead of letting the negative control you, try starting the day with a positive attitude. For example, even if it seems silly, tell the reflection in the mirror: “it will be a great day!” or "I'll be on top today." You will be surprised how much it will improve your day.

One way or another, you will have to overcome difficulties - there are no ideal days . Whenever encountering obstacles, focus on the benefits, even if insignificant, that they will bring to you.

For example, if you’re stuck in traffic, use this to listen to podcasts that you don’t have enough time for. If the store doesn’t have any favorite products, consider this an opportunity to try or cook something new.

Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

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Allow yourself to joke even in the most difficult situations. One day you will have something to tell about it! So start joking now.

Suppose you get fired. Imagine the most absurd way to spend your last working day or the strangest job you could do, like a kangaroo trainer or a flycatcher.

No one is perfect. Yes, even you! You will make mistakes in different situations, at different jobs, in communication with different people. Instead of focusing on how much you screwed up, think about what to do next time.

Formulate rules for a similar situation. This way you will learn a lesson from defeat.

Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

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It's hard to catch yourself on self-criticism, but it can really ruin your life. You may think: I am so bad at this; I shouldn’t even have to try.

These statements can be entrenched in your self-awareness, and you really believe that they are true. As soon as you notice such negative thoughts in yourself, try to wrap them in positive ones. For example: “I am so bad at this” easily transforms into “I haven’t had enough practice yet. I’ll train and do better”, and “I shouldn’t even try” - this time it went wrong. But next time once everything works out.


Challenge of the day: start thinking positively

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Not about today , not about the next hour, but about a specific moment - here and now. Perhaps the boss just gave you a thrashing. But forget what the boss said five minutes ago, and don’t think about what he might say later. Most negative thoughts come from experiencing past failures or from thoughts about what horrors await us in the future.

Think about where you are and what you are doing right now. Most likely, this moment is not so bad.

They are the source of positive stories and attitudes. Their words will influence your way of thinking, and you will become a source of positive for others. Finding such people may not be easy, but you need to remove negative thinking from your life before it swallows you.

Do your best to energize others, and let them influence you too.

And last: these methods everyone can apply in any situation. The more often you practice positive thinking, the more you will be able to experience its effect. So go for it!



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