Challenge of the day: master food sharing so you don’t throw away food

Foodsharing is a movement that originated in Germany: in 2012, the platform

foodsharing was launched. de

, through which people were able to share excess food with each other. The idea of ​​modern food sharing is that anyone can transfer excess products to other people: retirees, wards of various funds, large families. But not only. Food sharing is becoming a trend; those who want to approach consumption consciously and inflict the least possible damage to the environment are also ready to share and exchange food.

Challenge of the day: master food sharing so you don’t throw away food

Where to start if you decide to share food with others? We asked Konstantin Ponomaryov, organizer of the Foodsharing. Moscow project:

Konstantin Ponomaryov

organizer of the Foodsharing. Moscow project

- You can do food sharing yourself, just join one of the groups on social networks and start sharing food (for example, Food sharing. Give food for free, Food sharing. St.

Petersburg, Food sharing . I will give food for free Moscow and the region "and others. - Note. Ed. ).

You can also become a volunteer. To do this, go to the site, read the rules of participation, pass the test and follow the instructions. The essence of the work of volunteers is that they are sent for export to the organization. In their area, they take ready-made food and products that can still be used, and pass them on to needy people.

We have contacts of those who cannot independently take part in the export due to a number of circumstances: for example, people with limited mobility or pensioners who cannot use the computer, large families where the mother cannot be absent for a long time, so as she has no one to leave the children with.

Shipments usually take place at the end of the day the organizations work, sometimes it’s 22:00 or 23:00.

It happens that participants come to us for whom the main motivation is to get food for free. But for a long time they do not linger: they do not have a great desire to help, and food saturation occurs very quickly.

Challenge of the day: master food sharing so you don’t throw away food

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Not all products are suitable for food sharing.

For example, you can’t share:

  • food that was stored with temperature violations;
  • foods that have expired.

In this case, it is important to distinguish between shelf life and shelf life.

Konstantin Ponomarev

organizer of the project "Food sharing. Moscow"

- Implementation period recommended by the manufacturer product. Shelf life is the date after which a product loses its consumer beneficial properties.

Typically, expiration dates and expiration dates are different dates. If the product has expired, it can still be consumed within one day, it will be safe for health. With an expiration date, everything is more stringent: expired food for food sharing is not good.

Challenge of the day: master food sharing so you don’t throw away food

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Food sharing is an opportunity to make a feasible contribution to preserving the planet’s resources, the ability to consciously relate to consumption and tell others about this idea.

And also this is one of the ways to make your life filled with new meanings.

Konstantin Ponomarev

organizer of the project "Food sharing. Moscow"

- I do food sharing in my free time . For me, food sharing is a way to make the world a better place and feel that I am living my days for good reason. It is good when a person has a job and he benefits his family.

But sometimes it’s great to do something just like that - because you can, because you have time, opportunities.

By the way, you can share not only food. An increasing number of people refuse to travel by car and use car sharing, swap parties are becoming more popular in different cities of Russia, where you can exchange unnecessary things for new ones, many refuse to buy seasonal sports equipment and rent it. So appeared, for example, bikersharing.



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