Challenge of the day: immediately do things that take no more than 5 minutes

Every day we solve dozens of tasks and perform many different things - important and not so. As soon as some points are deleted from the to-do-list, the following immediately appear. An endless to-do list can demotivate and upset, reducing productivity.

Try a simple life hack that will shorten your to-do list. Before writing down the next task, evaluate how long it will take to complete it.

If five minutes or less - do it right away, without delay. Yes, this will require your attention and concentration, but it will significantly save you strength in the future.

To register in a salon, send a letter, buy a concert ticket, water flowers - all these tasks take no more than five minutes. To get started, do at least one five-minute case a day. Such a challenge will teach you not to postpone things for later and not to procrastinate, but simply to take and do.

By the way, to quickly deal with the to-do-list, arrange things according to the degree of your involvement and the time that you need to spend. Simple actions that you perform on the machine in 15-20 minutes, put at the top of the list and do them first. So you free up time for important and time-consuming tasks.



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