Challenge of the day: greet neighbors in the elevator

In the stream of affairs and our own thoughts, we sometimes forget about ordinary politeness. Saying " thanks" to the seller in the store or holding the door to the subway is not difficult at all, but it will make your ordinary day a little better. Taking care of others is normal and correct. The easiest way to start is from your own home and porch. Try to say hello when going into the elevator - it is not only pleasant for others, but also good for your health.

When we are kind and affable, in our body , the level of the hormone serotonin rises . Thanks to this, we are satisfied. That is why it is so nice to be a volunteer, donate things to charity and do other good deeds. Psychologists from the University of British Columbia found out , that a good attitude towards other people reduces the level of our own anxiety. Kindness is also good for the heart: it releases the hormone oxytocin, which, in turn, is responsible for vasodilation and lowering blood pressure.

  • Hello when entering the elevator.
  • Goodbye, leaving the elevator. A simple “goodbye” or “all the best” will do.
  • Hold the porch door and elevator door if someone is following you.

By the way, in some situations it is absolutely normal to greet the person with whom you are in the same room.

Sometimes it’s hard to force yourself to break the silence, but the ability to start a conversation with strangers is a useful skill in life. So consider this practice a training. Even if they don’t answer you, it’s not scary. Another time, the usual “good afternoon” or “hello” may begin a pleasant conversation or an interesting acquaintance.



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