Challenge of the day: go for short walks

American scientists


that regular walks help to cope with anxiety, depression and bad mood. Walking improves well-being and helps distract from routine activities. Thanks to this, you can work more productively. Have you noticed that while walking new ideas come much faster than at a computer? Four experiments by scientists from the United States


that walking stimulates creativity.

Walking is a great way to prevent various diseases and burn calories.

Australian scientists found out 26> that regular half-hour walks at any pace reduce by 19% the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Fifteen-minute walks three times a day (for example, in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening) help slightly lower blood sugar levels and strengthen immunity . On average, a person burns about 100 calories, overcoming one and a half kilometers on foot. If you increase the distance, the number of calories burned will be significant.

Finding time for walks is not as difficult as it seems.

RescueTime's research team

found out

that users spend an average of 3 hours 15 minutes on a smartphone every day. Allocate part of this time for a walk along the street.

Include a walk in your daily to-do list. Walk for twenty minutes before lunch and dinner, or, conversely, after. If you don’t like to walk in silence, listen to your favorite playlist or podcast .

For an office lunch break, go for a walk along the street or around the building. Take part of the road to or from work on foot.



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