Challenge of the day: find time for a hobby

In a series of daily tasks and urgent tasks, people often forget about their hobbies. The Challenger explains how doing things you love affects emotional health and why it’s so important to find at least a couple of hours a week for your hobby.

Hobbies are not only pleasure. Doing things you love can affect the mood and emotional health of a person. So, in one of the


, scientists found that performing creative tasks during the day favorably affects a person’s mood in the following days (this manifests itself in the form of a lack of anxiety, a person feels a sense of satisfaction with his own life, shows a greater interest in it).

In another study, evidence was found of the relationship between creativity and the emotional health of a person. Those who found 100 or more hours a year for their hobby (that is, two or more hours a week) felt better and were more satisfied with their lives than those who did not or did not spend enough time on their hobby.

Challenge of the day: find time for a hobby

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If you think you should find an activity , which will give you joy and fill you with strength, is not so simple, try the following:

Maybe, once upon a time you liked to draw and sets of brushes and paints that you never had time to use? Or have you bought a guitar for a long time, but didn’t really learn how to play it? Perhaps the hobby that you abandoned once due to lack of time will again give you joy.

Challenge of the day: find time for a hobby

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If you do not want to draw inspiration from the past, try to find a new interesting activity for yourself. To do this, you can do the following:

  1. find out which clubs are nearby and which specialists conduct classes there;
  2. study regional forums and chats;
  3. ask your friends and friends, what classes they attend;
  4. go to the store of goods for creativity and try to find a hobby to your liking there.

Even if you have a lot to do during the day, try to find some time for a hobby. For example, give him 30 minutes during the lunch break; Find an activity that can be combined with a trip in transport; attend creative classes that take place in the early morning or, conversely, in the evening.

It is useful to analyze when during the day you feel a breakdown.

Perhaps a change of activity in the form of a hobby lesson will give you more energy.



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