Challenge of the Day: Carry a Refillable Water Bottle

We tell you how else you can improve life - yours and the planets.

Challenge of the Day: Carry a Refillable Water Bottle

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There comes a time when, well, you can’t do without water - the time of heat and thirst. We advise you not to buy water at the store each time, but to buy a disposable bottle and fill it at home. And here are three main reasons to do this:

  • you will save money.

    On average, one bottle of still water with a capacity of 500 ml costs 25 rubles. If you buy such water every day, it will take about 750 rubles a month. With this money, for example, you can buy six to seven kilograms of apples. A refillable bottle will need to be spent only once - prices vary greatly: from 199 rubles to 1,990 rubles.

  • reduce the use of plastic.

    They are already struggling with plastic at the state level. By not buying water bottles in the store and not using plastic cups in the office or gym, you also help reduce the amount of plastic on the planet.

  • you can experiment with tastes. This means that you can add various herbs, berries and fruits to the water. Perhaps this will be a salvation for those who are bored with the taste of ordinary water.

    Or it will help to change habits, and you will quench your thirst not with cola, but with homemade lemonade.



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