Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

One of the best ways to lose weight is a cardio workout for burning fat. No wonder the workouts in the gym, performed with the goal of losing weight, begin with intense cardio, and they end with it.

What is cardio workout

Cardio workout (aka heart workout) is aerobic exercise at home, in the gym, on the street and anywhere. Even swimming without holding your breath is considered a cardio workout.

Cardio helps burn a lot of fat without exercise equipment.

This type of load involves dynamic exercises in which the muscles of the legs, arms, and the whole body contract.

The task of training for the heart is to disperse our natural “motor” to a frequency of 120-140 beats per minute, saturate the body with oxygen, deliver all the necessary nutrients to each cell . With this rhythm, the most effective fat burning occurs.

Thus, a complex of cardio exercises is a training aimed at increasing the heart rate to a certain level.

The benefits of such an activity are enormous:

  • improves mood;
  • improves brain activity, headache disappears;
  • train cardio vascular and respiratory systems (gradually, and not from a single episodic lesson);
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • cardio requires a lot of energy, and therefore, causes fat to burn;
  • sleep is normalized, a sedative effect on the nervous system appears.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home
You see how aerobic exercises are useful for our body. We recommend using them several times a week, not only for weight loss, but also for the general muscle tone of the body, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Do not forget that this is an excellent prevention of strokes, heart attacks, colds, pneumonia and many other troubles!

As already mentioned, another name for cardio is dynamic exercises. And the name means that you increase the heart rate due to movement. You move, muscles work, heart accelerates.

Cardio exercises for weight loss

Since catabolism begins at a heart rate of 120-140 beats per minute, absolutely any cardio load is suitable for burning fat at home or in the gym . And the longer it will be (at least 20 minutes), the more calories you spend and burn excess fat faster.

Note that 140 strokes do not need to be kept throughout the workout. Aerobic exercise for burning fat can last 30, 40 or more minutes. Of these, 5-7 minutes, you can drive the heart to 140.

Cruising heart rate - 120-125 beats per minute.

Aerobic exercises for burning fat got its name due to the fact that they do not drive cells into anaerobic conditions. The process of energy production from glucose occurs in the presence of oxygen, without reaching the anaerobic threshold.

If you accelerate and apply interval cardio, then this threshold will be reached. It is believed that this type of training is more effective, but it involves many nuances.

Interval workouts are designed for healthy people. Anyone who suffers from varying degrees of hypertension, rhythm disturbance, cardiopulmonary insufficiency and other pathologies, risks seriously harming himself. But in such cases, classical workouts with a heart rate of 120-140 beats per minute are safe.


Running is a cardio exercise for weight loss and a general health event. At home, you can practice jogging on the spot.

Believe me, this is very boring, so it’s better to go out. And if you are too lazy to do this, you can buy a simple treadmill and arrange jogging at home.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

Aerobic training can be carried out 3-5 times a week for 40-50 minutes. Jogging is better and safer.


If it is difficult for you to run (it happens, for example, with flat feet), running will replace brisk walking.

Walk on the street, in parks, in the forest. You can walk on the same treadmill that you bought.

Running is more effective than walking. But when you cannot run, walking is better than sitting at home. Walking fast in the evenings is effective in places where the air is not polluted by exhaust fumes.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

For older people, even an accelerated step is a pretty heavy load. Therefore, for them, walking is the best cardio for burning fat. You can pick up sticks (you even need to) and do Nordic walking. And the dogs have something to fight back, and their hands will not remain idle!


Dynamic exercises can be performed on a bicycle. When you pedal, the cyclic load on the legs makes your heart work at a frequency of 120-140 beats per minute.

Why don’t you do cardio?

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

Cardio workouts at home can be practiced on an exercise bike. This is even more convenient than running. For running, you can find dozens of excuses. But there are not so many excuses from cycling. Flat feet? Here it does not matter.

Is it hard for you to stand or walk? You are sitting in a bicycle seat. Have you recently eaten, and it is advisable to sit without shaking? There will be no shaking on the exercise bike! That's all, it's time to pedal!

If you pedal every hour for an hour, your weight will begin to decline before your eyes. Check it out for yourself. The main thing is not to overeat, because then, to see the result, you have to pedal 10 hours a day.

Workout at home is good on a stationary bike.

And still it is better to ride a bicycle in the fresh air. This is much more interesting: landscapes are constantly changing, the wind blows in your face, the road may not be smooth, there are small jumps. It's great!


In winter, running is not the most convenient activity. Cold, a lot of snow. More discomfort is brought precisely by snow into which your legs fall.

If there are no cleaned treadmills nearby, then you won’t be able to run. Another disadvantage is the increased risk of tucking the leg.One careless step, and the leg failed turning up.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

Another thing is skiing: there is a ski track. She will definitely be, for there are enough ski fans without you.

Just put on your skis and ride! The choice of skis must be approached responsibly, this is a whole science. But our article is not about that.

For a greater variety of cardio exercises, get up in the snow during skiing once a week, for example, on Sundays. When you are confident in skiing, you can run 10 km in one training session. In time it will take about an hour, and the sea of ​​positive emotions will be.

Do not forget to bring tea with sugar. It can be drunk after a ski run to restore blood glucose.

Ellipsoid and stepper

Training at home will be more fun if you have any simulators. You can, of course, do the exercise "bike", lying on the floor or sofa. You can run on the spot.

But you are unlikely to like it.

Therefore, an excellent exercise for losing weight is to perform exercises on an ellipsoid or stepper. Both options help lose fat.

Cardio exercises at home are more convenient to do than outside the home. First, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Secondly, the weather will not be able to stop you. The only obstacle for you is laziness. If you cannot overcome it, no one will help you.

On an ellipsoid it is enough to walk intensively for an hour 3-4 times a week. On the stepper, exactly the same.

To burn fat at home, you need to train not on a full stomach.

Other home cardio variations

Try to sit down 50 times. You are out of breath, your legs are petrified. Why don’t you have cardio at home?

Aerobic exercise at home can look like anything. The main thing is that you move.

If you want, dance. The main thing is that the movements are rhythmic, cyclical and continuous. Then you will get the desired effect.

Exercises from aerobics are also a cardio load. Various rhythmic movements to the music for 40-60 minutes will help you lose weight.

Cardio training at home should not be the only kind of physical activity you have. You need to breathe fresh air. At least several times a week, do cardio in parks and forests. You can practice physical exercises in the city, but early in the morning, until the air is filled with exhaust fumes and dust.

How and how much to do

The program for cardio load is simple: several times a week (3-5) do cardio for 40-60 minutes.

If winter has come, add skis once a week. If there is no snow, run or cycle regularly.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

Cycling is good because you can ride for a long time. Usually a bike ride is not limited to an hour. Those who ride a bike are well aware that you can ride for 3-4 hours.

This really burns calories, reducing your weight.

There is no need to create a program here, it is quite simple.So just enjoy cardio!

Features of nutrition

No cardio will save you if you do not monitor your diet. The main principle of losing weight is a lack of calories. If you eat more than your body needs, you will get fat.

If you eat just as much as you need, your weight will not change. And only with a lack of calories will your fat stores begin to deplete. In our case, this is precisely what we want to achieve.

Cardio Workout for Fat Burning - Aerobic Exercises at Home

Trim yourself in carbohydrates. Add more protein to your diet.

Use the carbohydrates that remain in the morning. Regarding fats, opinions are divided, but fried in sunflower oil, butter, cream, fatty meats are definitely not recommended. An exception would be fish, which must be eaten at least once a week to compensate for the body's need for certain fatty acids.

Interval training

One of the best exercises for weight loss is interval training. Almost every exercise listed above can be done at the maximum pace (except for skis, if you have an insufficient level of ski training).

Even on a bicycle you can ride uphill, putting as much as possible into the pedals.

The essence of interval training is this. For example, you decide to give a cycle load. You need to find a slide so that you can ride with a load for about a minute. If you have a mountain bike, you should engage a lower gear to make it as difficult as possible.

First, you warm up for about 10 minutes, riding and enjoying the scenery. Then drive up to the hill and begin to put pressure on the pedals. Your task is to squeeze the maximum out of your bike within 30-60 seconds. Next, restore your breath, go down the hill, ride around this place. Repeat the climb 4-5 times.

This is enough for one workout.

Then you can ride for fun. Do not forget to take spare clothes, since interval races will make you sweat!



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