Carbohydrate intake prolongs life

The study


participation of 15,500 middle-aged people. At the beginning of the experiment, participants completed a detailed questionnaire on nutrition. They also provided information on demographic background, level of education, income, smoking, lifestyle and medical history. Experts followed participants for about 25 years. Studies have shown that mortality was increased among those who consumed more than 70% or less than 40% of carbohydrates of total calories.

People aged 50 years, whose diet consisted of a moderate amount of carbohydrates, had a life expectancy of about 83 years.

Carbohydrate intake prolongs life

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There are several explanations for such research results. The authors believe that participants who overeat carbohydrates consumed a large amount of refined carbohydrates. They have no nutritional value and have implications for weight and overall health.

Experts noted that participants who replaced carbohydrates with vegetable proteins and fats, such as beans, nuts and seeds,

reduced the risk of

premature death, unlike those who replaced carbohydrates with animal proteins and fats.



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