Can a heart ache due to nerves and how to protect yourself from a heart attack

You can build your diet from broccoli and breast, but this is only a partial help to the body in the fight against cholesterol. Of course, you need to avoid fast food, but cholesterol production depends not only on food. By 80%, it is produced independently; by proper nutrition, its level can be reduced by a maximum of 10-15%. Cholesterol levels are largely determined by heredity. It is increased in 54% of Europeans.

The same is the case with blood pressure, which mechanically damages the walls of the arteries and is considered the second cause of rupture of the plaque and vascular wear. You can be a slender or athletic person, a vegan, lead a healthy lifestyle, but if your parents had high blood pressure, then there is a high probability that this tendency will be transmitted to children.

According to the new American classification, normal pressure is 120/80 and lower. Everything above 130/80 is hypertension. Most girls have fairly low blood pressure.

Female hormones protect the vessels, and only after hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause) arterial hypertension can occur if there is a hereditary predisposition.

The third factor is cigarettes: in Russia 31% of the population smokes. Smoking creates chemical damage to the arteries. It turns out that if the vessels are fragile, the pressure is high, there is a plaque, then it can burst, clog and lead to unpleasant consequences.

Problems with blood vessels, which in the future I can go to the heart, is a combination of the above factors.

In addition, overweight and a sedentary lifestyle. Stroke and heart attack are diagnoses that cause significant harm to later life. Plaque rupture can occur in any other organ (there are arteries in the liver or kidneys too, and there may be plaques in them), but we cannot always notice this.



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