Cameron Diaz: “I was a burrito with extra cheese sauce”

The first changes were followed by others. Few people knew that the actress suffered from acne for a long time, and make-up artists had to make a lot of efforts to hide skin problems during filming at the beginning of her career. It was possible to rectify the situation only after Diaz, having fallen in love with sports, changed her own diet, abandoning her favorite fast food.

Since then, the star has registered training and surfing, which she, a native of California, adores.

In 2013, Diaz became the highest paid actress in Hollywood over 40, and released The Body Book: The Law of Hunger the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body).

The actress preaches a very popular approach to healthy lifestyles today: the most reliable way to find the body of your dreams is to pump your whole life, and not just train to turn blue.

Some of the secrets are simple: Diaz claims that he loves the gym as a place where you are surrounded by people with the same goals as yours. For this recognition, Cameron received from some reviewers of the book a remark, "And we have already begun to believe that she is also a man." And the actress worships discipline.

"I was lucky to work with people like Cameron," says her coach Teddy Bass.

"She is one of the most athletic people I have met in my life. But most women are not ready to work in the gym for hours. So you need to be honest with yourself about the goals you want to achieve in the near and long term. "

Cameron Diaz


- If you lay the foundation for a healthy life in youth, with a high degree of probability, your mature years may become the best in life. And I do not mean maintaining external youth.

I want people to feel young, strong. I can say to myself that now I feel better, stronger, and capable of more than my 20s. Because for the last 15 years I have taken care of myself much better than in the first 26 years of my life.



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