California bench press - powerful triceps exercise

California bench press - powerful triceps exercise

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The California bench press is a powerful exercise for training the triceps muscle of the shoulder (or, more simply, the triceps).

At the first examination, it can be confused with a bench press with a narrow grip or, for example, with a French bench press. Indeed, these exercises are very similar in execution technique, but their goals are still different. Let's take a closer look.


is aimed at As mentioned above, the California bench press is used to work out the triceps. This is his main goal, we try to exclude other muscles from work as much as possible.

The beauty of the exercise is that it involves all three triceps heads, which allows you to not only build muscle in a relatively short time, but also improve strength indicators that affect performance in powerlifting.

California bench press - powerful triceps exercise

Moreover, for example, the aforementioned narrow grip bench press is less effective for triceps, since part of the load is distributed to large pectoral and deltas, and the French bench press (especially when lowering the barbell behind the head) works out to a greater extent the long triceps head and is more traumatic for the elbow joints.

The California bench, in turn, allows you to place the hands in a more comfortable position and carefully adjust the position of the elbows to comply with the correct technique and, as a result, achieve better results.


Take the starting position - sit lying on a horizontal bench. The back and buttocks are pressed against the bench, while the legs rest on the floor.

  1. Take the bar with a straight and moderately narrow grip. The brushes are located a little narrower than the width of the shoulders (about 30 cm from each other). In the course of work, you will feel and select the optimal grip width for yourself.
  2. Remove the barbell and position the bar at the very top of the chest (roughly under the chin, just below the neck). At the upper point, the arms are almost straight, minimally bent at the elbows.

  3. On inspiration, gently lower the bar to the upper chest. At the same time, the elbows are not spread apart, but are pressed to the body, at the same time they are brought forward beyond the neck line. Work only with triceps, otherwise you may get the usual bench press with a narrow grip.
  4. As you exhale from the bottom, squeeze the bar to the top. Do not forget to focus on triceps.

    Perform the required number of repetitions.

Useful recommendations

And, as usual, in the final part we give a number of recommendations that will help to get the maximum effect from the exercise:

  • At the bottom point, the bar is held in weight, which, on the one hand, increases the difficulty of performing this exercise, and on the other hand allows you to keep the triceps in maximum tension, achieving a better study.
  • Do not take your elbows to the sides, try to keep them pressed to the body, monitor the amplitude.
  • Do not lower the bar too quickly. Moreover, try specially lowering the bar as slowly as possible (2-3 times slower than lifting).

    You and your triceps will like it!

  • It's not worth chasing a lot of weight. Here, the technique is much more important than increasing weights. The heavy weight of the projectile will prevent you from fully controlling the process, avoiding mistakes and, as a result, may result in personal injury.
  • Do not forget about the warm-up. Perform a couple of warm-up approaches with less weight.

    This will help to warm up the muscles and prepare for the load.

  • If you have little experience with such exercises, use the help of a partner. Ask for insurance and to follow the correct technique.

The California bench press can be used in the hand training program as a basic exercise for triceps. It is carried out in 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Then you can proceed, for example, to perform extension of the arms in an angle with dumbbells.

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California bench press - powerful triceps exercise

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team.




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