Caesarean section: indications, pros and cons, possible complications (ultimate guide)

After the operation, the woman will have to spend some time in intensive care, where doctors will monitor the main vital signs. However, this does not mean that you have to wait a while with the start of breastfeeding (this should be discussed with the doctor in advance).

And yes, the seam will hurt. But heroism is not worth it - you can use painkillers. In general, you need to say if it hurts.

You have to spend some time in bed, but very soon, often already on the first day, you can start to get up, although it will not be easy. Be sure to call someone (a nurse, doctor) before trying to get out of bed for the first time after surgery. When you can walk to the toilet yourself, the urinary catheter will be removed.

You can eat and drink whenever you want (with the permission of the doctor, of course).

Often after surgery, therapy is prescribed that regulates blood coagulation.

You should be told and shown what drugs, how and how many days you need to take.

Discharge may be early (two to four days after delivery) or occur a little later (usually no more than seven days, if there are no complications). Check with your doctor when discharge is planned so that you can prepare for your return home.



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