By bike in Moscow: 5 routes with detailed maps

The route includes a cozy old and fashionable new Moscow, wide cobbled streets and small park trails. The first third of the way - so to speak, for acceleration - we offer to drive along the spacious Garden Ring . Even if this area of ​​Moscow is well known to you, do not be lazy to pay attention to urban architecture, perhaps it will appear before you in a new perspective. A cool stopping point is the Chaliapin House-Museum lurking between high-rise buildings in the estate of the late 18th century on Novinsky Boulevard. And in front of it - an unusual monument to Brodsky , opened in 2011.

Very soon - another reason to stop or at least reduce speed: the monumental Stalin's skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square. Then the park part of the path begins, Sadovoye is left behind, we dive into the alleys that lead to the calm and cool Patriarch Ponds , from there we find ourselves in the Aquarium Garden with an abundance of theaters and fountains.

And then, for contrast, again on Garden Ring , to glass and concrete. The main landmark on this stretch of the road is the Arms business center , which inherits the style of the Stalinist skyscrapers, but was recently completed - in 2016. Saturated with urban views, taxis to Catherine Park , which will delight you with silence, greenery, flowers, a pond.

Bonus: view of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque .

For the traditional Moscow atmosphere promised at the beginning, go to Boulevard Ring and along streets of Kitai-Gorod . You can stay here at least at every home, so we will give you the freedom of choice. And we offer to finish on Moskvoretskaya embankment at Zaryadye Park .



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