Buttocks - a useful and easy exercise

Walking on the buttocks is often used as one of the elements of physiotherapy exercises. This exercise tones the gluteal muscles, and also enhances blood circulation in the pelvis, which helps to normalize the work of the intestines and bladder, the prevention of hemorrhoids and prostate diseases.

How to do the exercise?

The technique of the exercise is simple:

  • You need to sit on the floor and keep your back straight, stretch your legs in front of you. Hands can be bent at the elbows so that they do not bother you.
  • Further, it is necessary to push forward one leg as much as possible while raising the buttock above the floor and "step" forward.

    We do the same with the second leg and buttock.

Buttocks - a useful and easy exercise
The back should be kept straight, legs should be straightened whenever possible.

After completing 10 steps with each foot, you should change direction and take as many steps back, and then alternately to the right and left. This is one approach. It is recommended to start walking with 2-3 approaches, further bringing the duration of the lesson to 10-15 minutes.

It is important not to bend your back during the exercise and try to walk without helping yourself with your hands. It is your gluteal muscles that you must strain, otherwise it makes no sense to perform the exercise. Classes are held indoors with a warm smooth floor. To avoid skin scuffs, sitting should be in shorts or sports pants.

The benefits of walking on the buttocks

As mentioned above, with regular exercise:

  • The gluteal muscles come in tone, the nutrition of tissues improves, the skin is smoothed, and the manifestations of cellulite are reduced.

  • Stagnation in the small pelvis is eliminated, the muscles of the pelvic floor are strengthened, the intestines work.
  • Sitting sitting has a massage effect. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the condition of the internal organs of the male and female spheres.

To get the effect, it is advisable to walk every day. Then the benefits of performing this exercise will become noticeable in 1-2 months.

Such daily walking is useful for people leading a sedentary, mostly sedentary lifestyle. In addition, it is simple to perform and does not require significant physical effort.


This exercise has no significant contraindications. It is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of the level of physical fitness. Buttocks can be recommended for older people.

It is not recommended to perform the exercise during menstruation and in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you experience discomfort in the lower back or lower abdomen, the session should be discontinued. In the future, you can start walking on the buttocks only in the absence of unpleasant symptoms.

If scuffs occur, you should treat the skin with cosmetic oil or baby cream, and proceed to the next lesson by putting on thicker clothes.

Influence on the figure

An important question for women who are planning to do not for medical and preventive purposes, but for correcting the figure: will such walking help to lose weight and improve the proportions of the lower body?

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Yes, this exercise is certainly useful. Walking while sitting enhances blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and the general tone of muscles. But for a substantial burning of fat or development of muscles of the lower body, more intense physical activity is required.

Therefore, if your main goal is to correct the figure, you can use it as a warm-up, making the main emphasis on doing squats, swinging or other exercises for the legs and buttocks.

Do not forget about aerobic training, which will strengthen the cardiovascular system and speed up the metabolism, which is also important when losing weight.



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