Burnout from sports: what to do to start training again

A couple of times to miss a workout is normal, but a couple of months to look for excuses so as not to go to the gym is not very good. An occasion to think. It is possible that you simply “burned out” - yes, this can happen not only at work, but also in sports. How to cope with this and fall in love with training again, we tell below.

Numbers are commonplace.

Yes, kilometers, kilograms, the number of repetitions matter, but if you try too hard to reach any specific numbers, it is easy to earn anxiety and not be able to get to the end. It’s better to let go of the situation and analyze your plans. Do you want to run ten kilometers right now and get hurt? Or does it still make sense to limit yourself to a distance of three kilometers, but after a month to run the “top ten” (but with pleasure)? Make a choice in favor of long-term progress, and not strive for momentary achievements.

Training in the gym and jogging are essentially the same as yoga, which you need to deal with thoughtfully, with a complete immersion in the process. The loss of incentive is often associated with the fact that you start to train, after a week you don’t see the dice on the press, you get upset and quit classes - it’s familiar, right? Regularity and consistency are your main friends in sports.

Do not force events, enjoy the process - believe me, the result that you get will exceed all your expectations (even if the expectations are a flat stomach and beautiful legs).

Burnout from sports: what to do to start training again

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Burnout from sports - frequent result of excessive loads. For example, your body was not ready to train in the morning five days a week. But you convinced yourself that otherwise you could not achieve the body of a dream.

And so you painfully set the alarm clock at 5:30, thinking along the way, why you have such a punishment. A couple of weeks - and the fuse passes. There remains only a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Awareness is the ability to listen to your body and its needs (for example, less, but better). Stay at the office? Go for a run.

Feel you are lacking in energy? Do a short interval training. Learn to consciously approach the loads, and then the reward will be excellent well-being and harmony with the outside world.

Meditation is not as difficult as it seems at first sight. But thanks to her, you will learn to better understand yourself, calm down and focus on the important. To meditate, it is not necessary to sit in the lotus position and light incense.

It is enough for a couple of minutes to close your eyes, sit on a chair, "get out" of your thoughts and feel the moment - feel now . Try it - invigorates better than any coffee.

We all sometimes need a timeout. And perhaps, burnout from some kind of sport will lead you to more exciting activities. Definitely not worth doing self-flagellation.

It’s better to sit quietly, sort yourself out and thank the world for what you already have. When you stop blaming yourself and get a little distracted from unpleasant thoughts, the desire to collect a sports bag and go for a run immediately appears - checked!

Burnout from sports: what to do to start training again

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