Burn calories without sports: 8 New Year ways that really work

But did you know that the things we do mainly during the holidays burn no less calories than full-fledged training in the gym? Here is a list of the eight most energy-intensive New Year's activities.

Up to 200 kcal / hour + 300 kcal / hour is burned.

While you are trying to attach a garland to the cornice and stick a hundred silver snowflakes to the curtain, your body burns calories as intensely as during cardio workout. And if you add to this cleaning before the arrival of the guests, then you can completely do without an evening run. The only thing - try not to lift weights (if you suddenly decide to get a suitcase from the mezzanine or move the closet to make room for the festive table) - this may be unsafe.

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Burned up to 500 kcal / hour.

If suddenly in all this New Year's bustle you have not bought gifts yet, then the first days of the holidays are the most suitable time for this. One such shopping marathon will save you from 200-500 calories, and shopping bags will be a great alternative to weighting materials (they definitely will not let your biceps relax).

The main thing is to avoid food courts and ice cream corners.

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Burned up to 400 kcal / hour.

Everyone who at least once went on New Year's holidays on a trip knows: before you get into the coveted seat of the plane, you need to sweat a lot. Firstly, the collection of things usually happens a few hours before the arrival of a taxi, and packing a suitcase is more like running a short distance than a joyful fuss.

Secondly, preparation for a trip is not always limited to randomly throwing clothes in a bag. But what about shopping? But what about buying a new swimsuit (if the tickets are south)? Or thermal underwear and a fleece jacket (if the tickets are to the north)? And finally, after you lag the kilometer queues in a crowded airport, your legs will hurt no less than after an hour lesson on the step platform.

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Burned from 700 to 900 kcal.

New Year's parties are the best way to finally lose the load of the past 365 days and get a charge of endorphins in the coming months.

In addition, do not forget that dancing burns calories as well as training on a treadmill. Only now, if you painfully count the minutes until the end of the “race” on the road, then dance evenings and nights fly by with pleasure and at the speed of light. In one hour of such a party, you will not only easily get rid of 700 calories, but also pump your leg muscles and abdominals.Just keep in mind: "training" will be effective if you do not lean on alcoholic beverages (or even better, if you refuse them at all).

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Burned from 400 to 600 kcal / hour.

If you spend New Year's holidays in the country, keep in mind: snow removal is not only useful in everyday life, but also a very energy-intensive activity. An activity that can easily replace your usual exercises in the morning. Just before picking up a shovel, do not forget about a full-fledged workout - it will save you from injuries and sprains (at risk - shoulders and lower back).

And do not turn snow removal into strength training - it is better to do powerlifting in the gym under the supervision of a professional trainer, and not in the winter at the summer cottage. Well, if you are a happy car owner, cleaning the car from snow will save you another 300 calories.

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Burned from 300 to 770 kcal / hour.

To spend all holidays at home - in the company of Olivier salad and a bottle of champagne - is an unacceptable waste.

And to do this in the midst of the ski season is doubly inadmissible. Okay, you don’t want to ski, here is a whole list (it is HERE) of winter sports that will make these ten days truly full, and your body truly tightened and embossed. Look, you’ll lose at least 570 calories in just one hour of ice skating (which, of course, is 100 calories less than an hour of hockey). Well, an impromptu battle with snowballs is not only a great way to spend time with friends, but also a good load on all muscle groups (mainly, of course, on the gluteal and pectoral muscles).

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Burned up to 400 kcal / hour.

If you have already visited all the ice rinks and Christmas markets of the city, went to visit all your friends and relatives, but you still can’t sit still, we have another cool idea how to make this vacation memorable: participate in New Year's quests. This is a great opportunity not only to "burn" Olivier, but also to train the brain. Every day you will receive new tasks and challenges, from the simplest to the most difficult, and upon completion of the event the organizers will present pleasant gifts and cash prizes. In general, some pluses.

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It burns from 200 to 500 kcal / hour.

While the players are doing everything possible to please the fans with a victory, they, in turn, are trying their best to support the team: chants, waves, clatter and other noise-generating tricks are used.Go to the show "FONBET Week of Hockey Stars" from January 11 to 19 with friends or family - and you will get a lot of impressions, and at the same time you will use at least 200 calories. Just do not lean on drinks and snacks that are sold in the stands, and get sick as intense as possible.

With this approach, watching a match can replace a full-fledged workout.

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