British scientists: vacation harms emotional health

We are used to thinking that travel relieves stress, cheers us up and energizes. British scientists decided to check whether this is true, and conducted a study. It was attended by 12,871 people (7,423 women and 5,448 men) aged 25 to 45 years - all residents of the UK.

Each person had to answer 104 questions in a specially designed questionnaire. Among the questions there were: what emotions do you experience on the fifth, seventh, tenth, fourteenth day of vacation and what you feel on the first day after returning from vacation.

Those who did not go on vacation, for example, for fourteen or more days, simply put a dash: there were about two thousand such people.

After analyzing all the answers, scientists found that most people (61%) are anxious and depressed after a week on vacation. According to First April, one of the authors of the study, it is likely that people are expecting that the holidays are about to end, and they remember about work and problems at home, and their impressions of the trip are forgotten and faded into the background.

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