Breeding legs in the simulator - grinding the shape of the buttocks

Leg breeding in the simulator is a popular exercise for working out the lateral surface of the buttocks. It is popular with women, as, together with other exercises for the lower body, gives the hips a rounded shape, thereby emphasizing the waistline.

Muscle work

When breeding the legs in the simulator, the following muscles work:

  • Target muscles: medium and small gluteal. It is these muscles that account for the main load.
  • Additional: wide fascia tensioner, extensors of the spine, square muscles of the lower back, abs.

Breeding legs in the simulator - grinding the shape of the buttocks
Working muscles.

Do not forget that sitting legs are an auxiliary exercise. Its single execution will not allow you to create a beautiful and harmonious figure. For this reason, it should be included in a comprehensive training for the development of legs and buttocks.

Some exercise machines allow you to tilt the back of the seat back.

Performing the exercise in this position (sitting not upright, but tilting your back back), you will maximize the target muscles - medium and small buttocks. If you keep the body straight or lean forward, the upper part of the gluteus maximus muscles will be connected.

In order for the gluteus muscle to work out during the exercise, try changing the angle of inclination of your body. For the first half of inspiratory repetitions, slightly tilt the body forward. When performing the second part of the exercise, lean back.

In doing so, make sure that your back remains straight.

Technique of execution

Breeding of legs while sitting is performed on a special simulator. First of all, you need to set the weight. For men, the recommended weight on this simulator is from 20 to 25 kg. For women - from 10 to 20 kg.

It’s not difficult to find the right weight. To get started, set the average value and try to perform at least 10-15 repetitions. If you manage to complete the exercise, and a strong burning sensation appears in the muscles of the legs, the weight is selected correctly.

Breeding legs in the simulator - grinding the shape of the buttocks

  1. Accept the starting position. Sit on the machine so that your hips are between the side stops.

    Grasp the arms with your hands, straighten your chest and straighten your back. Now you can start breeding legs in the simulator.

  2. On inhaling, tighten the abs and spread your legs apart to the maximum. Hold yourself in the extreme position for a few seconds.
  3. Slowly return to the starting position and exhale.

    Your legs should not move towards each other under the pressure of the trainer's cushions, but rather resisting it. That is, the muscles are not completely relaxed and we perform the movement completely under control.

Depending on your training, repeat the described movement 15-20 times. Take a break for 30 seconds and take another 1-2 sets. You can alternate approaches with the reduction of legs in the simulator or other exercises.

If you want to not only build muscle, but also burn fat, supplement the exercises for the legs with a medium-intensity cardio load. Always complete a stretching session.

Useful Tips

How to make an exercise like leg breeding more effective?

  • so that the movement takes place only at the expense of the hip joint. The knee and ankle joints are not involved.
  • Avoid using inertia in your movements.

  • Do not bring your legs to the end. Let the muscles constantly stay in tension.
  • Turn the socks out. So the buttocks will get a big load.

Efficiency of the exercise

Coaches, like the athletes themselves, often criticize this exercise.

First of all, this is due to the fact that it works on the middle gluteus muscle, and its size is small. Pumping this muscle so that the buttocks noticeably increased is quite difficult. Moreover, because of its small size, it spends little energy, so you should not expect a serious fat-burning effect from the exercise.

Breeding legs in the simulator - grinding the shape of the buttocks

But this does not mean that breeding is useless. You just need to understand why they are performed and with what exercises they should be combined.

Trainers distinguish two categories of people to whom it is definitely recommended. The first of these is newcomers. Often, those who are just starting to master the training in the gym, it is difficult to perform the basic complex. In this case, dilutions will help to tone the muscles, which in the future will allow the body to better cope with the load.

The second category is girls.

For women, the round shape of the buttocks is often an end in itself in the gym. Training the middle gluteus muscles together with the gluteus maximus allows you to create a beautiful and harmonious figure. Often it’s not enough to work out the middle gluteal muscles to make the body perfect.

Male athletes can use dilutions for pre-fatigue or when working on grinding the muscles of the lower body.

In fat-burning training, when exercises are performed in a circle one after another, breeding can be used at the end of the circle as a rest.

While complex energy-intensive movements are put in the beginning.

Thus, exercise can be an important part of a comprehensive workout for the hips and buttocks.



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