BORK released an ice cream maker and juicers

The BORK E801 ice cream maker has its own refrigeration system that evenly freezes food. Now dessert can be prepared in advance, as it retains a delicate and uniform structure. The ice cream maker mixes and cools the ingredients on its own, and during the preparation process, you can add fruits, nuts, chocolate through the dispenser. To make dessert in an hour, just activate the 8re-cool function and the ice cream maker will cool to -30 ˚С. The kee12 cool mode leaves ice cream or yogurt chilled for up to three hours.

The BORK S800 juicer easily separates the juice from the pulp. The model has two modes: for soft and hard products. The diameter of the loading chute is eight centimeters, which allows you to lay the entire product. Sharp knives with a nitride-titanium coating grind the flesh, and a filter with the smallest cells delays everything unnecessary. The juicer operates at a power of up to 13,000 rpm.

This speed helps to cope with hard and fibrous pieces.

The second model of the juice extractor BORK Z800 is suitable for citrus and pomegranate juices. A cast metal cone collects fruit juice to the last drop under the influence of an electric drive and a mechanical press. The ergonomic design of the BORK Z800 is awarded the Red Dot Design Award and complements any kitchen interior.

You can buy ice cream makers and juice squeezers in BORK stores and on the official website .



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