BORK has released four portable massagers

Relax master for eyes D601 consists of silicone massage heads. A well-thought-out design follows the contours of the face and affects five points. The massager has three modes: Slee10, Med and Hard. Relax master relaxes the muscles around the eyes and creates the effect of massage with fingers. The device improves blood circulation around the eyes, eliminates small wrinkles and prevents the appearance of dark circles.

The BORK D600 Eye Massager is also designed for 3D massage. The process takes place under air pressure and is complemented by light vibration, heating of the scalp and audiotherapy. A set of functions helps prevent the first wrinkles, relieves fatigue from the eyes and acts as a prevention of visual impairment.

BORK has released four portable massagers

Model BORK D602 for relaxation neck muscles created by Shiatsu massage technique. The massager presses on certain points, eliminates pain and has a complex effect on the body.

The device relieves fatigue and improves productivity. Such a device will be relevant for office workers and everyone who works at a computer.

BORK D603 for the head is suitable for everyone who sleeps poorly, often worries, gets tired at work and suffers from headaches. An effective massage session provides three modes of exposure. The stylish base of the model is made of solid bamboo.

You can buy BORK massagers in the boutiques of the same name or on the official website .



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