Bodyweight Exercises - Examples

If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the gym, but you want to have a beautiful figure, there is a simple and effective solution. This is a weight training.

Safe load

It is believed that weights that do not exceed the mass of our body are safe for our muscles. And if work, for example, with a bar is not shown to everyone, then the load created by one’s own body is quite comfortable for everyone.

The ability to adapt in response to physical activity is an excellent quality of our muscles.

But nature initially provided for the ability to manage only with the weight of one's own body. Indeed, in ancient times, our ancestors fled from predators, hunted, climbed trees and rocks.

Large bulk muscles, or the ability to lift very heavy objects (bodybuilding and powerlifting) were not necessary, from the point of view of survival. Accordingly, our muscle system is not designed for this by default.

Bodyweight Exercises - Examples

Advanced athletes who work with weights significantly exceeding their own weight achieve such results by long and hard training.

And newcomers who are trying to jerk off the bat, get injured and, as a rule, lose interest in sports.

Therefore, it is exercises with your own weight that are the most natural and safe form of physical activity. They are designed to help everyone, regardless of their level of training, find good physical shape and a fit figure.

Options for exercises with your own weight

There are many exercises with your own weight. They are convenient because the entire training is carried out without additional iron: you do not need barbells, dumbbells or exercise machines.

A training program with its own weight should work out all the muscles of the arms, legs and body. This can be achieved if a competent approach to this issue.

Note that such training without iron can be done at home.

Exercises on the horizontal bar

Since it’s not accepted to climb trees nowadays, you can use horizontal bars and bars for training, on which you can do strength exercises with your own weight in various ways.

On the horizontal bar you can:

  1. Pull yourself up with different grips, with different widths of the arms.

  2. Download the press with the help of raising legs, twisting, imitating the movement of the car wipers with your feet.
  3. Make an exit by force and various elements of the workout.

For example, the imitation of janitors on the press is done like this:

  • Hang on the horizontal bar, holding it with a wide straight grip.
  • Lift your straight legs up. Imagine that these are wipers, and now you will wipe the car glass with them.

  • To do this, describe with your feet pressed together the semicircle from left to right or vice versa. This is a very hard exercise.

You can pull up with a forward or reverse grip, you can place your hands with your palms against each other.The grip width will determine the degree of load on the latissimus dorsi and biceps. The wider the grip, the more the wings will have to work to bring the elbows to the body.

Bodyweight Exercises - Examples

The listed exercises on a press (raising legs in different options) load its lower part more. In order to pump the top, you can hang upside down on the horizontal bar and make body raises. But it is, rather, exotic and it is unsafe.

There are many other options that are not related to the horizontal bar, with which you can strengthen the upper abdominal area. First of all, it is twisting on a rug.

To train the triceps and chest, you can use an element such as strength output.


Body weight exercises are also performed on the bars. These are the classic push-ups on the chest muscles and triceps and press lifts.

https: // www. youtube.

com / watch? v = izsj_sZqTmM

To make a press on the bars, you need to climb on them, place the basin on one pipe, lean back slightly and place your legs under the second pipe. Now you can lean back even further, while your legs will hold the body so that it does not tip over. From this position, arms crossed behind your head or chest, you can swing the press.

You can do push-ups in different ways. Again, much decides the position of the hands, and also the angle of inclination of the body forward.

If you lean forward, the load will go to the chest; if you hold the body vertically, to the triceps.

You can swing the press on the uneven bars and in another way:

  • Hang on the uneven bars, lean forward, press your chin to your chest.
  • Lift the legs, bent at the knees up to the chin. You can raise straight legs - but then you will swing. And you can simulate walking, alternately moving your legs.


How to build back muscles without exercise equipment? There is only one answer - hyperextension. This exercise is often used in the preparation of complexes for spinal health.

You can do hyperextension at home or practice outdoors.

In the first case, you need to lie on your stomach with your stomach, arms and legs outstretched. Next, raise your arms and legs up.

Hold for a second and lower. This is one replay. You can lock your legs and lift only the upper body. Choose the most convenient option for yourself.

In the second case, you need to find two adjacent horizontal pipes of different levels.

This design is often found on sports fields. Under one pipe you fix your legs, lean on the other with your front thighs. From this position, perform flexion and extension of the back.


Squats with your own weight not only help strengthen muscles, but also are suitable as a good cardio load. Try to sit down 50 times and count your pulse - it rolls over, right?

Squats can be heavier if you squat on one leg.

The exercise is called a pistol. Not everyone can do it.And not so much because of a lack of strength, but because of the wrong technique. Therefore, before you begin to perform, clarify for yourself all the nuances. It is undesirable to do this exercise if you have sore knees.

Lift on socks

Lift on socks for training calf muscles without weight makes sense to do on one leg and provided that the heel will hang in the air. This is necessary so that you can pull the sock on yourself, lowering the heel as low as possible. Thus, you can work out the eggs for all possible amplitude.

Push-ups from the floor

You can push-ups from the floor in a horizontal position and at different angles. The most difficult options that affect the shoulders, chest and triceps are push-ups.

The effectiveness of push-ups for individual muscles can be changed by varying the position of the elbows and palms.

Mostly triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscle work.

Press exercises on a fitness mat

All press exercises that are performed while lying down are exercises with your own weight. When you lift the body, twist, you lift your body. The same can be said about raising legs.

Combining different options for lifting the body and legs, you can very well strengthen the press, to achieve its relief.

If you use inclined benches, the effect of the exercise will be much better.

Explosive exercises

To increase the effectiveness of all exercises, use the “explosion” effect. That is, at the last moment, make maximum effort.

For example, when pushing up from the floor, push your hands up when lifting.

Strive to keep your palms off the floor. You can try to clap your hands at this time.

During squats, do jumping accordingly.


Static exercises strengthen your muscles due to a long stay in a certain position that requires physical stress.

The “plank” exercise allows you to strengthen the muscle corset (core muscles).

Due to the fact that gravity will pull your pelvis down, and you need to maintain your elongated position in the "string", you will have to make efforts to stabilize the body. The longer you stand in this position, the better these muscles train.

Different visas

If you put your hands on the bars and extend as far as possible, the trapezoid will be tensed. Try to hang like this for 60 seconds - what will get tired will swing. So you can feel everything on yourself.

Pull up on the horizontal bar, and, on the reverse movement, when the bending angle at the elbow reaches 45 degrees, freeze. In this position, you can train your biceps a bit, setting it to a static load. Do not get involved in this exercise, do not need to hang for more than 30 seconds.

If you just hang on the horizontal bar - you will train the grip. The more you can sag, the stronger and more resilient your forearms will become.

We stand on our hands

A handstand will train your vestibular apparatus, arms and shoulders. Start the exercise near the wall, then you can smoothly switch to a position without support.

Weight gain and training with your own weight

Exercises with your own weight to gain weight are not effective. Of course, subject to good genetics and a short bone lever, you can dial a little even at the expense of classes without weights. But this is a rarity.

When exercising with one’s own weight, the muscles become toned, good endurance appears, the relief is drawn and strength grows to some limits. But in order to cause hypertrophy of the muscle fiber, large weights are needed.

That is, strength exercises without weights can hardly be called strength exercises.

Compilation of the program

Training programs with their own weight is better to compile on a circular basis. That is, in one session it is advisable to work out the whole body.

Or divide the load into the lower and upper torso. Press can end each lesson.

Training programs can be devised for every day or 4-5 days a week. On each day, you can vary exercises, grasping, etc. It is important that the total set of exercises cover the maximum muscle part of your body.

A lightweight weight training program can be used as a morning exercise. After all, all the exercises you perform without simulators, and most of them are quite suitable for home.



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