Blind musician with autism performs at America's Talents Show

"America is looking for talents" is a television project in which singers, dancers, magicians, acrobats and other people who want to show their talent and win a million dollar prize (the Russian analogue of the show - "Minute of Glory" "). The premiere of the 14th season of the television project will take place on May 29 on NBC, and one of the performances can already be found on the project’s official YouTube channel.

The participant of the 14th season was the 22-year-old singer and musician Cody Lee. He went on stage with a cane and arm in arm with his mother Tina. “Cody has blindness and autism.

We knew very early that he loves music. He listened and his eyes just widened. And so he began to sing. Thanks to music and performances, he was able to withstand life in this world. Because when you have autism , it’s hard to do what everyone else does.

The music actually saved his life, ”Tina explained.

Then Cody sat down at the piano and performed “Song for You” by Leon Russell. At the end of the performance, the judges and the audience in the hall stood up. One of the judges, producer Simon Cowell, called Cody's voice fantastic, and the performance itself was extraordinary. “You have a very beautiful timbre.

Thank you very much for trusting us. I will remember this performance for my whole life,” he said. The judges unanimously missed Cody in the next round, which will be shown in the summer.

"I am very happy. I like to play the piano, I have been playing since I was two years old.

I will never forget this feeling," Cody said in an interview after the performance.

An autism spectrum disorder, or autism, is a developmental feature associated with a disruption in the functioning of the central nervous system. According to the World Health Organization, autism spectrum disorder occurs in one out of 160 children, but some studies provide other numbers.

According to Anastasia Zalogina, president of the Naked Heart Foundation, people with autism development disorders are very different: “Some have outstanding abilities, but there are also those who have severe learning difficulties. And all this is an autism spectrum disorder "The word" spectrum "just implies that different people are characterized by a different degree of severity of ability or difficulty.




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