Black paste with charcoal can be dangerous for teeth.

Consumers use toothpaste with charcoal for one purpose - to whiten enamel. It is believed that coal removes various stains on the teeth (from red wine, tea and coffee) plus absorbs dirt and toxins, so it is used in water filtration systems and for food poisoning. But the main component of such pastes

is made

from the shell of coconut, peat, oil or sawdust. Before adding coal to the paste, it is subjected to chemical treatment.

Black paste with charcoal can be dangerous for teeth.</p><p>

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Professors of the Dental School of the University of Maryland


pasta with charcoal. Information was taken from MEDLINE and Sco48us databases. Additionally, they analyzed laboratory studies.

In total, the researchers examined 118 samples. It turned out that the descriptions of some products do not coincide with the research results. Some said that toothpaste strengthens enamel and saturates it with minerals. Only one of the tested pastes corresponded to this statement. It contained fluoride, which helps strengthen teeth.

Before teeth whitening, it is important to consult your dentist. The specialist will take into account the individual characteristics of the enamel and select the best tool.



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