Bioderma helps parents of children with atopic dermatitis

The French dermatological laboratory Bioderma will launch the project “More than just skin care” with consultations on Instagram.

In the official Russian account of Bioderma, dermatologists, psychologists and nutritionists will conduct live broadcasts and advise parents on how to properly care for the skin of the child with atopic dermatitis. Bioderma specialists will also take part in a series of events at the School of Atopic Dermatitis, where parents can learn more about the problem and exchange experiences with other families.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common skin disease among children. Specially for skin care for atopic dermatitis, Bioderma has developed the Atoderm Intensive line of products, which includes cleansing shower oil, body balm and quick-action spray.

All products are suitable for the care of dry and sensitive skin of the face and body, provide nutrition and restore the protective barrier of the skin.



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