Big Run Day to be held at Red October

I Love Running will run lectures on running and talk about upcoming races. Guests are waiting for communication with experts, draws of equipment and sports nutrition.

On March 19, Big Run Day will be held in the Deworkacy space on Red October. Experts will tell you what a running community is, what distances are in running and how much you need to prepare for each of them. P why people, having started to run on their own, most often quickly quit this lesson and how to find the time to run in the work schedule.

Trainers at I Love Running will explain how to control the pulse during training and why it is important. They will talk about natural running techniques, cross-country hiking and the main starts of the season.

Big Run Day to be held at Red October

In the Health zone, sports doctors will spend a free check-out and talk about the health of the runner: are there any contraindications for running and how running can improve physical and emotional health. Under Armor will help you choose the right running shoes and gear for any weather, and the Science in Sport (SIS) sports nutrition brand will conduct a tasting of its products and raffle food. In the Suunto zone, you will be able to review the latest watch models, find out about the latest products and participate in the draw.



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