Biceps push-ups - a look through the prism of anatomy

Traditionally, push-ups from the floor are considered the ideal exercise for the development of the chest and triceps of the shoulder. However, athletes who prefer home-based training without equipment are often interested in the question of whether there are special push-ups for biceps and whether using this exercise you can load your hands qualitatively, including from the front. The answer to this question lies in the anatomical features of our body.

Under what conditions does biceps work?

Biceps is a muscle located on the front of the shoulder. It forms a characteristic "jar" when bending the arm and, with proper development, is a special pride of its owner.

Biceps push-ups - a look through the prism of anatomy

The function of the biceps is to bend the arm in the elbow joint and rotate the forearm (part of the arm from the elbow to the wrist) outward (the brush in this case turns upside down with the palm of the hand). Also, one of the biceps heads (long) passes through the shoulder joint. Accordingly, it takes an indirect part in the bending of the shoulder, that is, in the abduction of the arms forward.

It is on these anatomical principles that all exercises with dumbbells, barbells or simulators are built to help pump the biceps muscle in the maximum way. Remember at least dumbbell lifts to biceps with supination of the hand - you bend your arm with a dumbbell and turn your forearm out.

I think the principle is understandable.

Biceps push-ups - a look through the prism of anatomy

And what about the push-ups from the floor? Let's look at all the stages of the movement:

  1. You have taken the emphasis lying down. Almost all the muscles of your body, including a little biceps, work in a static mode to stabilize the position of the body. That is, movement in the joints does not occur, the muscles do not fulfill their motor function, but simply strain and relax, helping to maintain the body in the right position and not to fall over.
  2. You bend your arms, lower the case down.

    Is it the right movement? Unfortunately no. The bending of the arms in this phase is not due to the effort from the biceps, but due to gravity, which pulls your body to the ground. The tension that we feel in our hands when lowering the case down is the work of the triceps, which, being controlled uncontrollably, does not allow us to bend our arms sharply and collapse to the floor.

  3. You lift the case off the floor. Hands do not bend, forearms do not turn outward.

    The chest and triceps work here, there is no question of biceps.

Having expanded the exercise into pieces, we see that if biceps are activated during push-ups, it is solely as a stabilizer muscle. Is it possible due to this work to increase its volume? Unfortunately no. In other words, push-ups for biceps are an attempt to pass off wishful thinking, but in reality they are not effective.

Exercises for biceps

So, the answer to the question of how to pump up biceps with push-ups is understandable.

It lies in the fact that this is impossible.Let's look at really effective options with which you can pump this muscle.

If you go to the gym or you have dumbbells, weights or a barbell, then everything is very simple. Here is a list of exercises that will help you achieve results:

  • lifting the bar for biceps;
  • bending your arms on Scott's bench;
  • hammers with dumbbells;
  • concentrated lifting for biceps;
  • bending of arms on the upper block;
  • lifting on the block (lower);
  • lifting of dumbbells for biceps;
  • pulling up narrow grip;

If you train at home, and no dumbbells, no bar, no horizontal bar available, you can use, so to speak, improvised means. To perform bending your arms for biceps, you need any heavy object comfortable enough to hold it in your hands.

Biceps push-ups - a look through the prism of anatomy

You can use:

  • A heavy backpack or bag. Than to fill it - think up for yourself. You can take anything from books to gravel, sand or potatoes.
  • A five-liter plastic bottle of water.
  • Any other variant of a weighty object that can be conveniently grasped.

By doing classic biceps exercises with the help of improvised equipment, you will achieve much greater success in training your biceps than if you simply push up from the floor.

Of course, it does not follow from this that push-ups are a bad exercise. They are very effective for the development of pectoralis major muscles and triceps and deserve to take pride of place in your training program.

Finally, I would like to add that in order to achieve truly impressive results, you should work on your physical form in a complex, performing various exercises for different muscle groups. Then the figure will look spectacular and aesthetically pleasing, because beauty is, above all, harmony.



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