Bench press for girls - truth and myths about exercise

Most trainers, when compiling programs for girls, do not put on their individual list of exercises for the barbell press.

First, it is believed that the pectoral muscles of a woman are less developed than that of a man, which by default becomes an obstacle to the correct execution of the exercise. However, this is a fallacy. If the girl is able to perform 15 push-ups from the floor, then she can quite perform the bench press.

Secondly, there are various prejudices regarding this exercise.

In particular, many believe that a bench press kills femininity in a girl and reduces breast volume.

Let’s take a look at the popular myths about the female bench press with you and consider the correct technique for doing the exercise.

The bench press makes the breasts smaller?

The first myth is one of the most common misconceptions. He is associated with women competing in bodybuilding competitions. The size of the breasts of women bodybuilders is in no way associated with exercises on the pectoral muscles.

Breasts become smaller due to a tough diet before the competition.

Bench press for girls - truth and myths about exercise

Professional athletes bring their body fat to a critical minimum, and the breast is formed just due to fat deposits. With a decrease in body fat, the breast becomes smaller. And the muscles of professional bodybuilding athletes are so developed that against their background the mammary glands are simply visually lost.

Therefore, do not be afraid to train the pectoral muscles in reasonable amounts.

This will make your body more athletic harmonious, your chest volume will increase, and your chest will even rise slightly.

There will be no problems with the size of the bust in girls while maintaining a normal level of body fat. After all, the breast consists of a breast and a fatty layer. According to scientists, 10 to 13% of fat is required for women's health.

Girls have enough push-ups for the pectoral muscles

Many girls and women who understand the importance of exercise for the chest think that ordinary push-ups are enough.

However, practice shows that no significant changes occur during push-ups, since the pectoral muscle requires many different exercises with different weights.

Push-ups are effective only up to a certain point, and then they become useless. For the qualitative development of the pectoral muscles, you need a set of exercises that combines push-ups, mixing dumbbells lying on a bench, a classic bench press and a bench press on an inclined bench.

If you want to train your chest with push-ups, we recommend that you increase the load due to additional weights, for example, you can put a few pancakes from the bar on your back. Experienced trainers advise using push-ups for the final clogging of muscles at the end of the workout.

The basic rules for breast training

The bench press for girls is slightly different from the male, so women should know the basic rules:

  1. There will be no positive result until until you begin to add the working weight of the bar. Light weight is only good for burning calories.
  2. A woman’s muscle mass will not grow with a normal diet. A special diet (more high-calorie and containing a sufficient amount of protein) will allow your body to become stronger and at the same time increase the volume of muscles, including the pectoral muscles.
  3. One approach should include 8-10 reps.

    It is important to follow at least two approaches. Three approaches would be the best option.

The bench press is the most energy-intensive exercise of all chest exercises. Try to do it at the beginning of your workout. Between approaches should take a break of 1-2 minutes.

When doing dumbbell breeding, you can reduce your rest time to 45 seconds, and when doing push-ups, to 30 seconds.

Bench press for girls - truth and myths about exercise

The bench press technique for women

If the bench press is implied, in most cases the non-classical technique is most convenient for women:

  • The distance between the arms on the bar neck is slightly larger than the shoulder width.
  • When lowering the barbell on the chest, the forearms move downward, the press force is partially shifted to the triceps.
  • Buttocks are located on a bench, shoulder blades are lowered and collected.
  • The "bridge" can not be performed during the bench press.

    Women should learn only the contraction of the shoulder blades to the spinal column, and there should also be a deflection in the lower back.

The presented technique loads not only the pectoral muscles of a woman, but also the triceps. This technique helps to increase working weights. If you want to pump up your chest muscles, use the classic bench press technique.



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