Become slimmer and healthier: healthy breakfast

The value of breakfast for human health can be compared with the value of the foundation for the home. Breakfast is the key to your energetic and successful day.

People often neglect breakfast: eat anything horrible, or prefer not to have breakfast at all. Sandwiches or just coffee - in fact, a bad option for the body. Why is breakfast so important?

To be energetic all day, you need to have breakfast properly, that is, include in the morning meal those foods that provide the body with the right amount of vitamins and allow it to wake up.

Nutritionists, professional athletes and just people who monitor their health know what foods can and should even be consumed in the morning.

Breakfast must include carbohydrates and proteins. You do not need to consume large amounts of fat for breakfast, but you need to include them in your morning diet.

Why carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are the energy necessary for the body to function properly, allowing a person to wake up and be mobile and active throughout the day. Carbohydrates come in two types: simple and complex.

What carbohydrates are needed in the morning? Simple carbohydrates, as a rule, have a much higher rate of assimilation, and complex carbohydrates give energy gradually. Breakfast should not go without complex carbohydrates.

Why is protein? For a whole day a person ate, and an important nutrient - protein - entered his body. But during sleep, the body experiences starvation and breaks down muscle mass to nourish the body. That is why in the morning it is important to give the necessary nourishment to the body.

Become slimmer and healthier: healthy breakfast

What foods should be consumed in the morning?

  1. The most useful in the morning is porridge. They include slow carbohydrates, which provide the body with energy for several hours

  2. eggs. They can be eaten for breakfast both boiled and fried. To diversify your breakfast, you can fry eggs with pieces of meat / sausage / tomato / green onion

  3. Cheese - contains fats, protein and calcium. It is very useful for bones, and it can also be consumed after training through a protein window.

  4. Honey - an excellent cure for fatigue and stress, a good source of proper carbohydrates.

  5. Rye bread - a source of fiber, which improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines.

  6. Green tea is an excellent invigorating drink that contains vitamin C. Green tea normalizes blood pressure and soothes.

Become slimmer and healthier: healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast recipes

A good healthy breakfast option is:

  1. Oatmeal , scrambled eggs and a slice of rye bread.

  2. Add almonds, blueberries and honey to oatmeal. This dish is rich in protein, fiber and healthy substances.

  3. If you want to eat a sandwich, make it right! The composition of a truly useful sandwich: a slice of rye bread, a leaf of salad, chicken meat, a slice of cheese.

  4. Cottage cheese with fruits.Take low-fat cottage cheese and add chopped fruits - orange, apple - or add berries.

  5. The set of nutrients and protein that the body needs in the morning is contained in buckwheat, so buckwheat with milk is an excellent option to start the day.

Using the knowledge gained, you can make any combination of useful products. To teach yourself to have breakfast in the morning, you need to make the morning meal more varied and healthy. Your health is in your hands! Become slimmer and healthier: healthy breakfast

Useful cereals for breakfast

How are cereals useful? Of course, by the fact that they give a huge surge of energy and that is why they are most often eaten in the morning. Also, each porridge has a long list of vitamins and minerals that overlap with the composition of other cereals, but not completely.

Porridge is rich in vitamins: A, B groups, PP, E, as well as minerals: zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus.

You can find out more about porridges and their benefits in our article: The benefits of porridges: the strength of these heroes!

Become slimmer and healthier: healthy breakfast


  1. The right breakfast is the key to a vibrant and successful day.

  2. Sandwiches are suitable if they contain complex carbohydrates.

  3. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a bad idea, as it threatens indigestion and gastritis in the future.

  4. Protein and slow carbohydrates - the main thing in a proper breakfast.

  5. Smile more often and eat in a good mood!



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