Become omnipotent! We invite you to a unique marathon of high achievements


We asked this question to Evgeny Ogarkova, the leading marathon and the only official trainer of the team Tony Robbins in Russia :

- Our marathon is unique in combining technology. It is about awareness, the definition of "their" goals and inspiration for action. Many contrast the state of the flow and the effective purposeful activity from the resource state, and we are talking about their symbiosis, which gives more satisfaction and impressive results.

After our marathon, participants will feel omnipotent: they will learn how to work with their condition, lay out any task in understandable steps - these useful techniques can be implemented in all areas of life, shared with relatives and colleagues .

At the marathon, you will learn to be confident, strong, joyful.

You will be able to love yourself and your life, learn to set ambitious goals and achieve them with pleasure, transforming your life and inspiring loved ones and friends to grow together.

We promise the participants conscious and digitalized goals. Each participant will create a step-by-step plan of action, determine the available resources, understand where to look for the missing resources and how to work with their own state in order to approach solving complex problems easily and enthusiastically.



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