Become Human: 7 workouts to help you prepare for any challenge.

"Become a man!" - this is what our joint project with Reebok is called in, within which we daily help you become the healthiest, most beautiful and strongest. We are sure that during the two months that our project lasts, you have already noticed the results of training, but it’s too early to relax - the last spurt is ahead!

Several times a week on page "Become a man!" we publish new exercises for all muscle groups - shoulders, arms, back, abs, buttocks and legs - which are necessary for the harmonious development of your body. And, of course, we do not forget about endurance - without this, becoming a superman will certainly not work.

To our main goal - race "Reebok. Become a man" - less than three weeks left.

You can still manage to register on the official website, put together the dream team on our page and show everyone on May 21-22 in Kolomenskoye park, what are you really capable of!

In the meantime, we continue to prepare for the start with the help of our new trainings.



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