“Become a Man”: 8 trainings that will make you a winner


"Become a man!" - that’s what our joint project with Reebok is called, within which we For three months, together with the best fitness instructors of the country , they talked and showed how to become the healthiest, most beautiful and strongest.

On the special page "Become a man!" 28 workouts are now available for all muscle groups - shoulders, arms, back, abs, buttocks and legs - which are necessary for the harmonious development of your body. We are sure that everyone will be able to find there a set of exercises that suits him.

Race "Reebok. Become Human" , for which we have been preparing all this time, will take place already in these weekend, May 21-22, in the Kolomenskoye park.

It's time to make the last leap and show that three months of preparation have not been wasted. 8 trainings, which are described below, will help to finish with a good result!



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