Beauty bars Nail Spot will support the center "Violence.Net"

A manicure with a special design will show concern for the problem and help the project financially.

All December in the beauty bars Nail S13ot on the Patriarchs and Nail + Hair S15ot in Depot you can add special manicure design - an exclamation mark in black - for 150 rubles. The money will be transferred in favor of the anti-violence center

"Violence. No"


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Photo: Nail S37ot

Photo: Nail S52ot

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Photo: Nail Spot

A non-profit organization for victims of domestic violence was established in 2015. The project “Violence. No” helps to get the help of a lawyer, psychologist and support group.

The center is located in Moscow at the address: Zemlyanoy Val, 7.

All-Russian toll-free helpline for women subjected to domestic violence: 8 (800) 7000 600.



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